Running at Full Speed

Running at Full Speed

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Liner Notes: 

I used Rory's Story Cubes online and was given what looked to like a compass, flower, arrow, magnifying glass, magnet, beetle, person reading, a burglar and a hatchet. This is what I came up with.

I wanted to use the ukulele and tries to keep this as upbeat as possible after my last song. I don't want to fall down a rabbit hole of depressing ballads.

I used:
Fender Strat tuned pitched down for bass
Sampled stomps

Side note, the arrangement started as a waltz and turned into this.


Verse: C am F G
Chorus: F G

We could be lost
Out here
Nothing to
No need
For the map
We are never
Going back

Oh and we are free
You and me
You are all need
Running at full speed

They won't
Steal this time
No friend of mine
We'll just
Turn our backs
Fill our lives
With kind acts

Oh and we are free
You and me
You are all need
Running at full speed

When we're
Grey and old
The stories
That will be told
How we never
Backed down
And we always
Stood our ground

Oh and we are free
You and me
You are all need
Running at full speed

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This was a happy, bouncy, uplifting sort of song in lyric and melody and arrangement. A little boost that I needed!

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there us an unseen backdrop of despair behnd this dance of optimism, which makes the mad run to freedom all the more touching.

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Loved the vocals and driving rhythm! That bass sample is interesting too! Nice song

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Oh this is really great! Love the way it makes me feel. Super!

katpiercemusic's picture

When ukulele plays that 4 chord progression it just means happy! It doesn't matter what the lyrics are, it makes you feel safe. I like your take on those story cubes and I enjoyed listening to your performance, as aways!

This kind of makes me think I want to write a ukulele song with this 4 chord progression and the most horrific lyrics I can think of... just to see what happens.

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Nicely done! I especially enjoyed the chorus. Happy feeling for sure!

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There's a yearning to your liner notes, wanting to keep it upbeat and happy, well you succeeded with the stomps and the uke, but it also makes that chorus extra poignant, give it a real glass maybe cracked but its still half full feel Wink

well done!

kahlo2013's picture

This is such an incredible song, Catherine! I love everything about it! The uke is perfect and love those stomps. The melody has a joyful love and defiance that is uplifting and beautiful. Your vocals are really lovely on this! Such a great song!

Candle's picture

The uke really gives this a great feeling. And the stomps just add to the atmosphere. I picture people sitting around a campfire jamming this one out. Great job!

See You In The Shadows…

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Great job on this! I even like the percussive stomps!

Tim Fatchen's picture

A sweetie of a song, bouncy and happy, I feel better just by listening to it.

Glyne3's picture

So glad you didn’t fall down that hole of depressing ballads. This was a great pick-me-up folksy classic.

G3 Darnell's picture

Captures the exhilaration of running at full speed, as i remember it Smile
Nice piece of melodic positivism. Enjoyed it.

Jackketch's picture

This is great! For some reason I was imagining it being played over the intro sequence of a 90s slacker TV show like The Real World. Great vocal and melody too.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Those stomps really add a lot to this upbeat uke arrangement. Vocals are smooth as ... well, whatever the smoothest thing is. Nice!

coolparadiso's picture

i have pinched this for my podcast if thats ok! it was available for download. how did i miss this!!!!!1 awesome