After The Outbreak

After The Outbreak

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Liner Notes: 

Well, what are you gonna do? We write songs to help us and others through something, and out of how that thing affects us. It is in truth, my therapy.


One day
It'll be okay
This quarantine shall pass
I know
Not long ago
When we walked on greener grass

Hold off
Wait a while
Long enough until
Find their way
Always have and always will

Tomorrow's almost here again
I will whisper my amen again
I'm not ready to say uncle
But I'd like this now to end

Ill at ease
No thank you please
There are victories and joys
Time composes
As much as it destroys

Tomorrow's almost here again
I will whisper my amen again
I'm ready for a better time
And we can all remember when

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love that guitar part and the melody that goes with it. nice vocal as well.

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Takes me to a place where I can just hang around and enjoy being.

Speaking your truth is important. Smile

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great subject, great vibe and the whole thing feels natural and right- great work!

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That is some lovely guitar work, and your vocal is comforting - I can close my eyes and imagine you performing, which is a nice feeling as I'm still (like you, perhaps) in relative quarantine.

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Love the lyrics! The first thing I'm going to do once the quarantine is over is to jump into the ocean, no matter how cold it is! Smile

(I just hope it will end before FAWM next year!)

That bass sounds lovely, is that the u-bass?