Too Blind

Too Blind

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Liner Notes: 

This is actually my first 50/90 song this year, just now got around to doing a quick demo. Used the "Titular" tool on the Fawm Muse page, grabbed the title and ran with it. I immediately thought of the plethora of false information harmfully being spread through certain parts of our culture and how despicable that is. And how some people that get caught up in all that are really nice people that have veered down a regretful path.


Shouting from the rafters
At least in his mind
The usual nonsense
The message unkind
Conspiracy theories
Nonsensical lies
With each day of madness
His heart slowly dies

He's Too Blind to notice
Too Blind to see
Too Blind to listen
To where others might be
Lost in his anger
Happily unkind
Defiantly fearful
Too Blind

Worships every word
Doesn’t know what they mean
Believes every story
And inciteful meme
The internet hate-mongers
Have him in their hand
He's a miniature tool
For destroying this land


Wake up from your nightmare
Try to meet me halfway
But he’d never listen
He’d just shoo me away


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Love your vocals and touching, socially aware lyrics. Reminds me a bit of REM meets the Eagles (Don Henley). Great tune, and welcome to 50/90! Consider me a fan Smile

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excellent- incisive and on-target! You do a great job of addressing an important subject, and this is a great listen.
Music works well with the lyric, that "minor-key david crosby/graham nash" kind of feel that is very effective here.

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Nice lyric, here sort of gentle bitey. A bit different, much slower, i really like this!

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Wow, that first first verse is a gut punch and I mean that in the best, most respectful way. Very nice rhythm you have going with the guitar, it pulls the lyrics along very nicely. These lyrics are so powerful and heartfelt, very nice job with this song.