Moondance Bar and Grill

Moondance Bar and Grill

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Liner Notes: 

I don't do collaborations very often, but I liked these lyrics a lot. I really liked the warm fuzzy nostalgia quality. I mean I think we could all use a little more of that these days, right? Anyway, I wrote it as a country waltz, which I think is very different than what Liz imagined. I hope that it's still to her liking.

Liz says: ah! A country waltz with mandolin is absolutely perfect! It captures the nostalgic warmth so beautifully! I am so grateful that you brought these words to life. Wonderful instrumentation, melodies, and harmonies!


Lyrics by Kahlo2013:
at the Moondance Bar and Grill
in Sugar Camp, Wisconsin
in the Northwoods by Lake Mill
near the White Stag Inn

by car, truck,and snowmobile
locals and tourists come and go
to have a burger and a beer
where big fish stories are told

there’s great food
there’s strong drinks
there’s good causal conversation
with views of deer
and gold sunsets
at this Northwoods destination

at the Moondance Bar and Grill
at a barstool or at a table
they treat you like old friends
invite you back when you are able

there are no airs or pretenses
no French or high cuisine
just the best Friday fish fries
the Northwoods have ever seen

there’s great food
there’s strong drinks
there’s good causal conversation
with views of deer
and gold sunsets
at this Northwoods destination

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I saw this and thought Oh Good! I so loved the lyrics with such nostalgia and this is so pretty! That mandolin! Fab collab!

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the country waltz fits the words like a glove and the vocal harmonies, being very uncountrylike, add a an additional dimension, that of the mid west, while the mandolin keeps it planted in traditional roots.

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I really enjoyed listening to this! Lovely and warm. I'm from Wisconsin living abroad - this is making me homesick!

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Really like the approach you took here. I don't think I could imagine those lyrics being anything other than a country waltz now.

Great, nostalgic, lyrics that really suit an americana vibe.

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Beautiful. When the song started with the Mandolin, I thought it was going to be about a place in Greece. Like a scene out of Corfu. Lol!

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Lovely music to set the lyric. Great collaborative work Smile

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Wonderful take on the song!
I told kahlo I really enjoyed the lyrics, makes me think of home.

That shimmering mando is so nice! I gotta dig up my mando from the closet.

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This is incredible! The lyrics conjure up vivid pictures and the arrangement helps you feel like you are there. Wonderful job to both of you!

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Lovely country waltz ... love the mandolin! Great storytelling ... I can actually smell the fried fish and see the scene vividly. Love the "big fish stories" line.

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This does have a strong feeling of nostalgia, in special because of the way you voice brings out the words, just lovely, you paint the perfect picture and make me miss this unknown place

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Not an American, but this reminds me so much of the feel of the country dances of my childhood in our little village before it vanished in satellite towns and suburban sprawl. Tho' as befitted a largely Methodist community, they were in the local hall with basket suppers and tea (no grog, but the pub was 100 yards up the road!). Well done both. How do i get nostalgic about a socially total different situation? Because the lyrics and the music bring it out regardless of geography,

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Wisconsinite here. Sure sounds like home to me Smile Lovely collab here. Great harmonies and the mando really hits the spot. Bravo!

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Very nicely done! Both of you!.....Yeah that mando the double vox from the backup band Wink sound amazing!

Good countrytime fun stuff!...........makes me miss county fairs Wink

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All ingredients (lyrics, vocals, guitar, mando, bvox) fit together well and all are important for this successful song and sound.

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The homey country/folk feel suits these lyrics perfectly. Definitely makes me feel nostalgic about a place I've never been.

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Heck, I was almost in tears just at the title! Wink What a wonderful lyric. The place becomes wholly alive and entirely compelling. I love the vocals (and harmonies) and musical treatment.
Superb collaboration, you two. Smile