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Liner Notes: 

A literal retelling of a recent sad dream


Last night I had
An upsetting dream
I lay awake and cried
Because it seemed so real
But it was just a dream...

I dreamed that you came back
Into my life
Only to crush
My hopes
Of a future together.

You’ve been away so long
Though I’ve pined for you
all these years
No one has ever come close
To taking your place.

I’ve fantasised about your return
Though the vision’s
Gotten hazy
But you’ve been on my mind
more lately.

The dream - You returned!
What a wonderful treat
Looking so cheeky And refined
Could it be?
You’d finally be mine.

You’ve aged nicely
Much better than myself
But something’s not right
You didn’t miss me
How is that fair?

When I miss you every minute...

I’m sure you sensed
My vulnerability
And like you knew you could:
You took advantage
Smashed my heart in
A thousand pieces!

A break
I can’t repair-

You came back
Just to share a message
Suggest I take a chance
With someone else
Someone familiar to us both.

That hit me
Got me in the gut
Like you were telling me
I should let go of
Any lingering hope I had...

Until now
I was Schrödinger
But you busted open That box
the decayed cat. My heart.

I felt dismay
But still hold hope
Even in my dream
You know how
To sting me to the core.

That familiar person?
But - -
I like YOU.
I always have!
And I think you know that.

Cue the knife
Twisting in my soul
When you nod
And smile
Turning the final screw.

You knew all this time
But you Never found me.
You only Sought me out
When it came time
to finally drown me...

I get it
I deserve it
I know I’ve been a fool
I let my fears control me
But I kept the faith.

Even when You’re not here
You know how to Open old wounds
And rattle Me
When I think
The pain is healed.

A break
I can’t repair -
This life
Filled with despair.
A love We’ll never share.

But When
I go to sleep
And dream tonight
I’ll still hope
To see you there.

And you’ll say
That you still care.

And maybe
This time
A happy ending
Even if it is
Just a dream.

From which
I can never move on.

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Love the eclectic imagery and how it really feels like i'm visiting the mournful dream you had.

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Interesting the music. Somehow feel like this could be sung with lutes and the like next to standing stones.

Really vivid story. And I've been in a similar place recently. I really feel every slash of words. It's powerful!