Torn Tired

Torn Tired

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Liner Notes: 

I have a bad habit of procrastinating and losing sleep when I have deadlines. It happened last night so I tried to get the feeling out. Production is a little lazy on purpose and a little lazy because I felt the need to finish ASAP and get some rest. There's nothing quite as un-nerving as hearing your own voice when you're not used to singing, or writing lyrics for that matter. Here's to getting better.


fall back just to give it up
all night to deliver what
im torn tired and im feelin rough
i mind if the door is shut

tongue tied
eyes wide
‘ffeine wired
im dyin

fogged out
i doubt
to expire

these eyes
so dry
i see

my knees
werent weak
but sleep
escapes me

fall back just to give it up
all night to deliver what
im torn tired and im feelin rough
i mind if the door is shut

my eyes are blind

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Mmmm...this is one dreamy vibe! I like everything about this, though I'm gonna have to come back to hear the end tomorrow, as my stupid satellite internet is letting me down again when it comes to streaming music

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yeah very nice and relaxing - lovely laid back delivery a little melancholy lyricly

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Not sure why my computer isn't loading a demo but these are powerful lyrics. Nice work.

And after I posted the comment the audio came up. Love the atmospheric feel to it. Suits the lyrics well.

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i like how it's all hazy and dreamy. very cool song. super chill and a great listen!

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I'm in Pink Floyd land!

Floating among the clouds. Which interestingly is the same feeling I have when I'm procrastinating. Like I don't know where I am, can't see anything and there's no way out.

I'm there with you!

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Whoa, definitely nailed that late night, spaced out and tired vibe. Nicely done.

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Those lyrics and so beautifully matched with the melody - like they are floating.

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i have hit a lovely random vein of late night music tonight and this just epitomizes that. I too thought of pink floyd. especially the vocals and general sonic space of the sound. great job on the diving into lyrics and vocals! the fall of that repeated 2 note melody slide has such a sleep heavy weariness to it. great stuff - have a fantastic 5090 Smile

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This is great! I came back for another listen. I think the dreamy vocal is great. I spent decades not singing or writing lyrics. These days I don't worry about a thing: I just turn it up in the mix and say, Here I am! I think Tom Petty once said something about embracing his voice instead of trying to hide it

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great chill out piece. the harmony is also very midnight-ish and relevant. kind of a feel when you don't really how much coffee you had and what else...