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Liner Notes: 

My wife recently fixed my telecaster (the pickups stopped working, so she put in some new ones... Lindy Fralin Blues Specials for those who are interested) and I reward her now by writing a song about tawdry dating scenes and predatory behavior. Well, I can't deny the muse when it speaks to me.

I really hope this song is as funny as I think it is.


This meat market ain’t what it used to be
I remember when it brought together you and me
For six of the best worst months I’ve ever known
No point dwelling on the past What’s done is done
Though we weren’t built to last, we had our moment in the sun
And I think back fondly on the fighting as well as the dreams
You were a horrible partner, and I’m not much better it seems
Did we deserve each other? Perhaps we both had to grow
But I wouldn’t wish that process on the vilest person I know
Caught in a trap, living a lie, bird in a cage, waiting to die
Off of the map, can’t see the sky, smoldering rage, look in your eyes well

So here we are now, back in the singles game
Around a year now, my strategy’s stayed about the same
Find someone desperate enough to chance tempting fate
Make the most of things, before my charm hits expiration date
What is the point to keep going on, Maybe I would be more happy alone
Worry about emotional zones, You’d think that I could just be happy alone
Hooking up like it’s a way to atone, why shouldn’t I just be happy alone
Forget about love, heart like a stone, Anyone who’s happy could be happy alone

Find me some faith, I want to be a Believer
Buy me some faith, make me a Believer
But I see it in your eyes, and I know that it’s true
We’ve become emotional vampires, no knowing who infected who
So best of luck, on with the show, `till we meet again, tallyho
Back in the saddle, rearing to go, get on with it, tallyho
You look like someone I used to know, buy you a drink, tallyho
Better luck next time, we’re good to go, `til we meet again, tallyho

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Great slice of life in the dating scene. I'm sure many can relate. Has a feeling of punk to it. Nice clear lyrics. I like the humour. Nice work.

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had a Pulp feel to me and very well done - love that guitar at the back top song maybe not for the wife Smile

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Pulp! I spent the whole time while I was recording this song saying "I know I'm ripping this sound off from somebody, but I can't for the life of me think who". Definitely Pulp. Thanks, that was driving me nuts

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Damn, youknow the feeling when breakup songs start to make sense to you.

I feel this one. One some level.

That "my strategy’s stayed about the same, find someone desperate enough to chance tempting fate" is something else tho Biggrin

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six of the best worst months I’ve ever known, is great line.

NIce ragged display.