Too Much Time On My Mind

Too Much Time On My Mind

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Liner Notes: 

A little truth, a lotta nonsense, a little folk, a little blues, a little living room Kindle fire tablet recording... thanks for lending your ears. Smile


I’ve got all kinds of weather settling down in my bones
I’ve got ten pounds of nothing keeping me here at home
Got all kinds of reasons
For the things I don’t do
But I don’t have you

I’ve got hard times aplenty, enough to tie me in knots
When I’d run out of money, first I had, then had not
Got these shoes on my feet
And these days do repeat
But they won’t get me, they won’t get me down

I’ve got time ahead
I’ve got time behind
I’ve got too much time on my mind

Got a pile of opinions, and they’re worth what I paid
Like that stray I adopted, stopped in once and it stayed
Got a little dime store addiction
To these words that fall out
Some certainty, and an equal measure of doubt

I’ve got time ahead
I’ve got time behind
I’ve got too much time on my mind

Got a heart full of hunger and a belly that shows
Keep on thinking I’m younger but I think we all know
Tried to be good
Tried to be true
All on my own, it’s too hard to do

I’ve got time ahead
I’ve got time behind
I’ve got too much time on my mind

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This is fantastic! its got that casual yet hard-won wisdom so expertly delivered. Reminds me a little bit of a Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead) lyric in a way, with a little tom waits too.... really excellent, one of my favorite things ive heard here- only wish i had written this! Smile

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little blues, little folk, big tune! nice performance too, little kindle, well sounds great on my little speakers Smile

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A warm and fluent little tribute to life's lifelong quest to hit you with the good and bad then use them to hold you down somewhere in the middle, despite your best efforts. We can all know exactly what to and not to do, yet no amount of time - not years, not decades, allows us to stray far from the grey sea of contradictions that is 'on the whole, OK I guess'.

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The chorus hook is awesome, the lyrics deeply meaningful, and the vocals and guitar both top-notch. You hit a real home run with this one!

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Wonderful song -- love the chord changes, especially in the chorus. Great lyrics and vocals.

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I am so glad I stopped by for listen! THis was great. I love the performance of this fresh but classic story- you sing it true. The chorus has me hooked..

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I very much enjoyed listening to this. As others have mentioned, the chorus is fantastic.

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if thats nothingness give me nothing excellent listen!

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Love the figurative language in this. "All kinds of weather settling down in my bones." Every year I feel that more. So many great turns of phrases. "Pile of opinions worth what I paid." So much fun! Has me grinning from ear to ear!

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John this is absolutely lovely! The sentiment is relatable and your lyrics are superb as you develop the message. The jazzy folk feel and smooth delivery are absolutely perfect. Nice vocal inflections and phrasing. Beautiful!

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Ohhhhh yes, that chorus is plenty sweet. Just my kinda thing.

Great introduction. I feel like I relate.

Excellent song.

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This goes down so easy! Great melody and lyrics, especially the simple yet poignant refrain. Good to hear you!

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What a great song. Relatable lyrics delivered in a comfortable way. Could listen to this sort of thing for hours. Nice to 'meet' you again too!

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That first line is brilliant . This is soulful as hell.

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Very Motown-y melody - would make a great set companion to "Don't Hate the Rain". I want to sing echoes on "they won't get me down"! Your voice sounds so good here. Hope you'll do more soon!
Let me know if you have some time to collab too, 'twould be fun.

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Damn, I didn't know how much I missed listening to you sing until I listened to this song. It's a damn good one. You're one of the good ones.