Marble Run

Marble Run

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Liner Notes: 

Another instrumental thing. I'm still playing around with some of my new libraries. I've got a collaboration I just finished the music on, so hopefully I'll post that tomorrow, and the start of my own lyrics that hopefully I can finish and record tomorrow, but I was also supposed to have a pre birthday gig tomorrow, so I might record a mini gig. I'm allowed to mug for attention for my birthday when I'm stuck alone in my home. *^_^*

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I really like the rattle of the marble / percussion, the rubbery bounce of the bass, and the plucks coming in irregularly but just right. The whole track is out of kilter but just works.

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Ah this was a delightful surprise. I love the marimba like sound and the rattle of the bones. It has a refreshing unique kind of quirky feel that I really enjoyed! Cool bass too!

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Nice! love the combination of textures in this one

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I love this unquantized conglomerate of sounds. Has a Peter Gabriel "Birdy" feeling to it - which means I like it a lot!

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This is plinky and rolling around, like marbles. Never sure where this is going and I liked that in this case. The bass adds a lot and I kept waiting for a groove to catch. Then it was over
Unique. Held my interest. Also some cool sounds used.

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It's like some type of ancient ritual taking place.

Where the boys become men. And the women become the new boys?? I don't know, it's all a haze.

But it sounds light, fresh... like a brisk autumn morning.

Very cool!

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Really cool feel to this one, it's got a peaceful calm to it that I like a lot. It almost feels like it could me the musical documentation of rain.