just go.

just go.

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Just shut up.
Shut up.
Just go.
Give up.

Leave us
where we know.
Just shut up.
Give up
Making this yours.

Paradise is dangerous
Living with the loneliness.
Paradise is dangerous
Everybody's wanting this.

Just go.
Go home.
Even if you do not know
Where you began
Where you pretend

Cuz I'm not your country
I'm not your savior
This is not about any loose favors

Just go
Go home
This is not for you.

Just let me go
Just let me go

You settle here
and call yourself above.
But if you made the space for yourself
You'd know that you belong.

Paradise is dangerous
Everybody's wanting this.
Paradise is dangerous
Living in this loneliness.

Just go.
Go home.
As if no one here belongs.

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Not what I was expecting from the brief read through before the music started playing. Your playing and your vocal are too sweet, too good sounding. But once I got over stupid expectations, this works marvelously. The tender vulnerability in the vocal works perfectly with this lyric. Yeah, you've nailed it,

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love that guitar part and your melodies. easy to guess to whom the song might be addressed, but it could just as well be mishimas song to general macarthur..

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Rather enigmatic lyric and I like the almost delicate simplicity (I'm sure it's anything but, yet that's how you've made it sound) of the music. Very nice singing.

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Nice. You've tapped into a universal feeling that most have experienced. Like the poignant lyric. Simple production. Nice work.

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Hypnotizing! The simplicity really works here, although I could also totally imagine this with some low bowed strings in the mix (maybe a bit "Gollum's Song"-esque).
"Paradise is dangerous / Living with the loneliness." Love this line

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Pink Floyd vibes! Today I'm hearing Pink Floyd in everything.

But this wouldn't be out of place on The Wall.

Angsty, but I relate, I feel very angsty often. This nails that feeling!

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Juha's right: "angsty" is a good word for this. Rather than the Floyd, I hear strong echoes of Radiohead in this (but then again, when OK Computer came out, they were hailed as the Floyd's successors and as their subsequent releases showed, they *really* didn't want to go down that route.)

I was wondering whether that single chord progression would be enough to support an entire song, but the vocal performance is so powerful, the song structure really doesn't matter at all.