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Liner Notes:
Sometimes, we feel this way.
Its alright.


I'm losing
I'm losing today
I'm losing
And I lost yesterday
I'm losing
Will I lose tomorrow
I'm losing
Losing everything I know

verse 1
Get away
Go away
Just not today
Leave me alone
Leave it alone
Just not today
Not tomorrow, either

verse 2
Can't you see
Don't you know
I'm a loser
Leave me alone
I'm all alone
Just not today
Not next week, either

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I love the melding of catchy, cheerful music with lyrics that spell out the darker side of experience. It speaks to perspective. Well done.

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gee made me jump when it flew in! very clever use of the high lyric nice

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Oh this song just slaps it's way in, hello! That was awesome. Nice simple and effective lyrics, I like the robot voices and absolute kick this track has. The lyrics contrast well with the very upbeat...beat. This song does a lot to stay interesting and I really enjoyed listening to it.

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Wonderful juxtaposition of words and music help deliver the message in a way that is not ominous or dark but that drive it home. Really great layers and feeling conveyed.

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Ha! When the melody dropped I was totally thrown off because the beginning is so dark. Reminds me of Jonathan Coulton's song Still Alive for the game Portal, except this is the less successful computer and this computer knows that the cake is a lie.

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Yes! Epiano!

Sounds very cheerful, but I can hear the emotion in the vocoder. It's there. Very daft punky, and not just because of that. There's like some sort of isolation to it all. Which is fitting! Wow, I think you might have nailed this one. It's carefully crafted, and it shows.

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cheerful music and dark lyrics... and it really works well.

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I just love this.

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It goes without saying that the production and arrangement on this piece is top notch. I was surprised at how the main instruments hop in after that beautiful e-piano moment (love that). Now - the heartbreak of the lyrics and the way you conveyed them via the vox manipulation....genius. So many people feel this way and many times folks don't want them to not think it's alright. For some it's a passing moment...for others it is an illness. Regardless, it's real and shoudln't be silenced. Brilliant on your part with the length of time it can take to recover: not today, not tomorrow and not next week either.