Afternoon Tides

Afternoon Tides

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Liner Notes: 

It's a happy song. So go listen. NOW

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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OK. Good start, and pretty much what I'd expect from the theme of 'Afternoon tides'. I felt I had the perspective of a small bird, glancing down as it took its flight from the shores of a sandy island... but then the change at 0:40 caught me by surprise. It injected a dose of ephemeral Scandinavian holiday pop which was unexpected but welcome. Then at the 1-minute mark, the lively kazoo lent the thing such a boisterous energy - the bird sped up and started defying some laws of physics. Then the layers of instrumentation began filling the ocean with small islands of alien landscapes. Very colourful and almost natural. This is the theme music the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog wished it had.

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Where is Juha and what did you do with him? This is entirely too happy a song for my image of the metal playing Finn. Of course, I loved your acoustic based song the other day so I guess expectations be damned. I'll concur with S. Lots of cool bits. I like the idea of this being a theme song for a video game. Although it'd have to be the happy jaunt through the lovely prize winning scene or something. I can't quite imagine getting squashed to this music.

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You're right, it is a happy song, very nice! I love the quiet intro though and the sudden entrance of the main groove. Cool melody, and I like the way you give the melody do different sounds.

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I love the catchy melody and the variety of synth voices. This deserves to be on repeat Biggrin

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I feel like I should have a drink with an umbrella in it while I listen to this. Relaxing as #3LL, and happy as happy can be. Yes, theme song for a video game for sure.

See You In The Shadows…

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Okay it is a happy song. A sort of electronica Hawaii/tropical beach. Not at all like the cold grey whale infested southern ocean just down the way here!

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Dude, this is serious production magic happening here, the fizzy saw lead, the tropical feel, everything carefully chosen and neatly aligned, but in a calming way!

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Listening to this puts me on the holiday I never got to go on this summer! I definitely imagine have a dance to this outside, probably hovering over a barbecue. There is a totally carefree vibe to it which I love, I like how the musical themes/feel stays consistent but the changes in texture/instruments keep it fresh throughout - it definitely doesn't outstay its welcome! (And.. time to play again)

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Oh man, the intro is beautiful.
Then that happy little melody comes in all bouncy and beachy (not-a-surf-song, i totally ignored your tag lol).
Whatever that next lead synth instrument that comes in is, its golden.
The vibe of this is everything - so poppy, sunny, cheery. I love these kinds of simple melody lines and rhythms, put together in just the right way to produce a sound that one can't resist bopping along to.
This changed my mood instantly on this groggy morning as I loathed the work day.
Again, that buzzy synth lead is simply special - genius sound choice there.
Love this.