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Liner Notes: 

I guess it's only gonna get more abstract from here on out.


Blue morning aches
Bright yellow taste
Tip-toeing the line
Green glow in standard time

There’s no red
Through no fault of mine

Pink parlour trick
Notes that you wish didn’t stick
Tip-toeing the line
Bright flash the warning signs

There’s no red
Through no fault of mine

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Very stylish classy piece, nice work.

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This grabbed me due to the tags.
Sometimes you just want a very specific kind of music and very specific vibe. This was it for this moment.
Its got all the atmosphere and mood that I enjoy in this specific kind of vocal/piano track. Digging the lyrics as well. I don't understand but I didn't try to, as I was just listening.
Beautiful vocals.
This is the kind of stuff I feel, but just isn't something I can make. I'm content just listening to people like you who can do this so well.

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Sorry. Couldn't focus on the lyrics at all. I was completely taken by the Satie like piano and the melodic line and your stellar voice and the rain. Best kind of jazz.

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That is a hypnotic piano line, and then your vocal floating atop it - wow! Lyrics are pure poetry.

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Getting a feeling of a rainy day like the one here today.

Poetic lyrics, I enjoy that. Smile Getting a glimpse of the world through your eyes.

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So atmospheric--I love the added sounds throughout and moody vocals. Nice poetic play with colors in the lyrics as well. This is the kind of thing I could have on repeat late at night.

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Gorgeous vocals on this.. perfect lilt into those sweet dissonances. Excellent progression on the keys as well.

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VERY impressed! Though I feel it's unfair you can both play so well AND have that voice. The somewhat abstract lyric and the music absolutely fit. Another one I would download if you'd switched the download button on in Soundcloud!