New Microphone

New Microphone

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Liner Notes: 

Guess what I got?
I made this one up on my way home, knowing I'd have the whole house to myself to play music!
And yes, I got a cool new condenser mic. We bought it to livestream at our yoga studio, but it didn't work out. So my wife said I could have it, and it replaces the duct taped-together mic I've been using for years.


Check out my new microphone uh huh
I got a song for you
on this here microphone that’s new

Check out my new microphone oh yeah
picks up hot, looks real cool
so hi tech but looks old school

Check out my new microphone for sure
I’m such a happy fella
so I’m singing a cappella

Check out my new microphone my friends
made up this song to test it out
thus ends my song about
my new microphone my friends
Check out my new microphone my friends

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Hahahaha sounding good

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you have certainly captured the vibe of getting a new microphone.

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I can hear the joy in your vocal. Like a musical smile. And now I'm smiling. Besides wanting a new microphone (I'm only a little jealous) I can't help but happy for you.

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He's got a new microphone! This piece captures the rush of a new gadget, a jolly test tune!

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This put a smile on my face! Your microphone is certainly sounding good. I love that rhyme of fella with a Cappella.

IA's picture

You sound mighty proud. Biggrin

What's on a GAS-man's shopping list next? Biggrin

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I want a new microphone now! hahaha this made me smile a lot....some real genuine joy here!
always great the inspiration that comes from anything new, even if its as small as a new set of strings.........The real tone lies in new strap buttons though Wink

such a happy fella singin acappella hahah