It's Later Than You Think

It's Later Than You Think

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Liner Notes: 

Thanks to @Saltyjohn for letting me put music to his lyrics -

I've rather leant heavily on a few influences with this one - mainly Steely Dan but there're some other things that sound a little like someone else - so sue me Biggrin


On a restroom wall in Baltimore
Above a broken sink
Someone scratched this message:
It’s later than you think

I took this simple line to heart
I knew that it was true
I built myself a little boat
And sailed the ocean blue

You are the captain of your fate, your only master’s you
Don’t ever let yourself regret the things you didn’t do

Go and see the Northern Lights
Or visit Timbuktu
But better do it now, my friend,
Time catches up with you.

You are the captain of your fate, your only master’s you
Don’t ever let yourself regret the things you didn’t do

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Oh now this is good stuff! Love those lyrics and what you've done with them-pow!

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I like the higher extensions laid back vibe, Sting-ey and great suspended changing modal stuff. Nice report on the weather Lol

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Funky, love the feel, what a great voice. If you ever want to put a vocal on any of my songs, let me know - love it. Little bit of Steely Dan, really nice.

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the music and performance is a perfect bringung to life of the fine lyric. the steely dan efffect gets a little pronounced on the briidge, but otherwuse it all sounds very original to me.

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How such a beautiful jazzy song emerged from the lines above a broken sink in a bathroom in Baltimore is absolutely wonderful. The way you develop that line is absolutely brilliant and empowering. The jazzy pop feel and instrumentation is perfect! Love the instrumental layers and as always, your vocals are superb. Love the bass and shaker fade to the oooo ooo ending. Nice!

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Smooth and tasty. I'm digging your guitar lines. This is pretty damn good. And maybe I've just been spoiled with your SF! entries of late being so top shelf but I was expecting a let down with the onslaught of 50/90, but here you go knocking it out of the park again.

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Smooth! It has that Steely Dan feel with more going on, you certainly took the sound on very well. This is just a really great sounding and professional song. I really liked this one it was a great listen. Nice job both of you, lyrics were excellent also.

I remember your song Grace In A Laundromat being my favorite song last 50/90 so I'll be looking out for what you do this year!

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You have such a wonderful ability to concoct great pop music. This is a treat. A fine collaboration!

coolparadiso's picture

yes was a good lyric and nicely delivered that powerful beat really holds it!

sph's picture

You are a master in letting the song breathe. Great tune! I like the lyrics just as well

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This takes me back to a crappy job I had many many years ago, when I didn't have enough money to buy lunch. I'd go sit in the car and listen to our city's smooth jazz radio station.
My hope was that I could get in a nap and not think have to think about the job or how hungry I was.
Steely Dan, Grover Washington Jr, George Benton, Minnie Ripperton, Dave Koz, Sade, Michael McDonald...
So many elements of what you've crafted here are the same things that put me at ease in that little Saturn car and let me feel ok if just for a few minutes while I tapped my foot.
This is just so well done. And it's just such a specific vibe for me personally.
Great lyrics by saltyjohn that lend themselves to many styles, but I feel you made the perfect choice here and can't imagine it done any other way.
The smoothness, both vocally and the instrumentation. Perfect.

cola's picture

This is fantastic! The lyrics are simple yet profound, and the demo is a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable listen. Excellent work, both of you!

IA's picture

The production on this is through the roof!

I already liked the lyrics when I first read them, but this gives a spin on them I didn't anticipate. But I like it a lot!

That guitar is so smooth. Fantastic leads!

cleanshoes's picture

Smooth! The lyrics are good on their own, but you've really taken them to the next level with the music. Great vibe (and production)!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

I already liked the lyric but the army has elevated it to something else. A very professional sound and a solid application of the genre tropes. Feels like it's destined for something larger than this challenge.

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I want to listen to this over and over! Might be my favorite so far.

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Now why would Steely Dan be an influence when they're so bland and lazy? Wink This track just makes me go.. "mm-mm!". Tasty, especially those guitar solos. You've really brought the smooth funk vibes here.

sherrycanary's picture

First song I listened to this 5090, and it is just what I needed .
Inspirational wake up call to get me out of my malaise!

Love it. Gonna listen again!

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Yeah, now that's a satisfying drink of a song. It's got a few years on it. Or in it. I'm a little but dazzled by how smooth it is, smooth being the word I thought I might avoid using, but cannot. Impressively done.

JamKar's picture

The Dan force is strong with this one. Great matchup of lyrics with music! Smooth guitar lines sew everything together nicely. Congratulations on a great collab!

bunter's picture

I'm a big Steely Dan fan (Donald Fagen even more). I can certainly hear the Walter Becker influence in the guitar chops. Excellent composition which is the perfect fit for the superb lyric. Nice vocal performance which had a Rupert Holmes feel and the harmonies always add a certain embellishment. Great work! Enjoyed.

nancyrost's picture

I like the pacing of this one, and the gently insistent bass line. Beautiful changes and layers of details to discover.

jeustan's picture

I am sliding right into the Gaucho vibe on this. You nailed it. I especially appreciate the overall mix and how you balanced and made use of backing vocals. The guitar is filthy and yet smooth. Dang!

jeustan's picture

A separate comment is deserving for your lyrics, @Saltyjohn. You have a singular message that takes its time in rhythmic grace. Double dang!

pipewrench67's picture

Feels like 1977 in here.

Super smooth, sweet lead work lovely tone and performance.

Excellent interprtation of a well written lyric.

wobbie wobbit's picture

such a tight yet easy groove. love it - sounds fantastic all round. great sentiment too, neatly said.

Donna Devine's picture

What a great song! Tight, simple lyric with a relatable message and pleasing imagery. The vocals - including backups - are a treat, and the music is ultra-catchy. Wonderful pop-jazz groove.

Jerry Pettit's picture

How did I miss this?!! I'm glad I'm looking back at your older stuff.

This is SO radio-ready. Probably the most "professional" sounding song I've heard on this site so far this summer.

Great groove and perfect vocal for it. Truly awesome!

fresh spotless youth's picture

This is quite a sweet song! I love the jazzy, vaguely funky groove. I love the way the lyric jumps from that bit of scrawled graffiti and just sails away. The opening is so gritty and specific: a bathroom in freaking Baltimore! And then the song ends in the sweetest possible way: ooh ooh

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What a damn fine song this is! I hear the Steely Dan influences but I am also hearing Peter Gabriel! Such a powerful performance! Awesome vocals and the instrumentation is so tasty! Ima have to listen to this a few more times to fully appreciate the deep and complete quality of this!!!

And those lyrics? Absolutely brilliant! That first verse is so powerful and slams into you like a freight train! Then the positive advice you give in the rest of the song is fabulous and wise! Superb and simple and powerful chorus! These are lyrics to be Very Proud of!

What a super collaboration this is!