Keep It Movin' (My Introduction)

Keep It Movin' (My Introduction)

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Liner Notes: 

My first song for this year's 50/90 - seems to fit the #week1 tag as it's an introduction to my music with its origins in Filtered Disco, which is a marriage between Disco and EDM. "Keep it Movin" as a writing theme is what I'm hoping to do in 50/90.

This song was created using Ableton Live with Kick2.



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maybe its time to start your own dance club. or at last take a job as a fdj in an existung one. your material is just too good for small rooms

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Definite disco and EDM feel to this. Nice use of the sampled vox. I think you've come a lot way with the production of your music over the past couple years. This one made me want to dance and put a smile on my face.

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This is great! I love the movement and layers! Really has an introspective feel.

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The kick drum hits hard in this. Good use of the samples to create a very danceable vibe. Also liked the way the track ended in a way that would allow a DJ to drop the next track straight in.

Nice start to this year's 50/90.

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Alright dance party time! Very fun song, I like all the different sections. Love voice samples also.

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Yeah, let the party begin! You really can't sit still while this is pumping. I like how you take it down low and build it back up

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This has a very strong perspective; the samples and drum and production all give us a nice POV, and tells us a lot about what you're interested in as a songwriter (and maybe in part as a person) without a single "sung" (non-sampled) word being uttered. A swell introduction, and a swell song.

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Great first tune! and great introduction Wink I'm hot and tired, but just couldnt help shaking my butt to this Smile Inspirational! as inspiring me to go get some more playing done while I can Wink vocal sample really works great in this! loved that screech around the 4min mark! nice work!

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Interesting how the piece builds up in layers. I like the manipulated vocal samples. Good way to start off 50/90!

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Classic sounds bursting in at :30 to set the tone. Old school.
This has the feel of he stuff that my uncle would blast at all times of day and night (he's a DJ). I used to fall asleep to this kind of stuff when it was on really late at night.
Nice section at 1:52 with the clap/snare on each beat.
The dance piano sound is interesting and gives the vibe a different character.
The long stretches of just drums and jack-house vocal samples is par for the genre, as is the repetition. Brings back many memories while still being something new.

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Dang it! I love EDM when I hear it so much that a 5090 or two ago I tried to do one and it was so unforgivably awful that after spending all day on it, I ended up being too ashamed to even post it. People don't realize how complex it is. I'm a math guy, and I wish I could do it because there is math in the repetitions and patterns and...dang, you just do it so well. Great work!!