Impossible sounds

Impossible sounds

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Liner Notes: 

Another song recorded in a single take, with the Teenage Engineering OP-Z for sounds and the Korg mini kaoss pad 2S for effects (I'm using the "Freeze Looper"). I've been experimenting with the tape track on the OP-Z, and in this song I send the main melody to it on the second part, to add some variability and make it much more interesting. It's a fun effect, and I love how the song turned out to be very whimsical!

Again I did some light mastering on Ardour, since the peaks were very high.

Rain samples are from daveincamas on Freesound.



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Whimsical for sure - it's a happy melody, and the quivering effect makes it sound like it's laughing. The coolness of the rain samples is very welcome on this hot day!

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yeah i like that one. i love your notes its like reading swahili, but slowly getting to understand some words. i like the rain

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Like strolling through an 8-bit flower field.

Good melodies, fun use of the sample site!

Good job!

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The rain throughout is great,and complements the upbeat music perfectly.

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Lots of nice sounds, a bit of blippy 8 bit summer chill out vibe, is the tape track a kind of tape delay thingies?