O'Malley and Crane

O'Malley and Crane

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Liner Notes: 

I'm really in a playing on the computer mood it seems. I promise I'll write more than one set of lyrics this year, but I'm kind of having fun with this right now. I named this after my cats... Grace O'Malley and Ichabod Crane, because their names sound like an 80s tv action duo, and this sounds like the extended opening to that show. It was a light week, script wise.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Love this! Great buzzy bass line and cool layers on top. Love that flirty little glissando as it comes in. The music seems to do a nice job capturing the different moods of cats interacting. Great cat names too!

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Yes, this is fantastic! I love the 80s theme song feel to it and now I am imagining a cat action duo. This progresses in the most perfect way. That deep bass thumping with the higher synth part is purrfection!

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That first theme really got me, I was glad to hear it come back at the end

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Super cool track, love the sounds and melodies. Sounds like fun to make and certainly fun to listen to. I like all the segments in this track and the way it comes around in the end.

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you said you had more time - you are flying. really interesting one this - the middle is like chariots of fire on steroids

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I envision two cartoon cats in an animation TV series working in a mystery crime setting. Job accomplished!

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Nonono! Keep playing on your computer. This is great! Lyrics can wait til next year.

I love the lead sound. It's so round and decisive.

I'm on a space walk! Heading for that big lump of cheese in the distance.

Awesome sauce!

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Very enjoyable music. Fun sounding tune. Love the tone colour of the instrumentation.

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Great title, and a sound that brings the 80s back with a buzz and bang. Love the break at 1:23 or so!

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I wasn't expecting the anticlimax and buildup at 1:20, which made for a good surprise. I like the rhythms in that buildup, same as the beginning, and it all culminates well. Nice ending.