Within Sight

Within Sight

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Liner Notes: 

I wasn't in the mood to make this style or vibe.
But the sounds that I landed on when browsing and previewing my VSTs always dictate what I do. And the pad used for the chords that I put down put me in the mood for this kind of synthwave.
Different chord progression attempt here than what I usually go for. I ended up liking it when I started layering.
Simple drum programming using period and genre appropriate sounds.
Noodled around with some melody lines until I landed on the main riff you hear toward the end, and made that the focus of the second part of the song, and just giving that riff once during the first part and kinda making you forget about it by doing some other little lead lines.
Threw in multiple kinds of mellotrons for the vamp, mirroring the main melody as well as a little triplet hit that kinda plays throughout, and just kept building that section.
Some day, I'll make a proper intro and outro for this one.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Heey, sounds pretty good. I like the sounds and layers here, very cool progression. I like this intro it gets you into the song right away. This is a great listen, it's really a track that goes places you know. Enjoyable listen!

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Ohh Synthwave!

Marching onward very steadily. I love those shimmering pads. Like rain of snow. Or towering buildings in the night.

You really made the sounds work. Great job!

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Nice! This is like a big, comfy sonic blanket...so soft and comfortable (but with some nice driving, edgy bits to get us from getting too relaxed). I'm enjoying this post hot tub, so I'm having no trouble easing myself into the sonic depths

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Very powerful intro and great build. Love the mellotrons. Cool track.

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Presents a strong emotional feeling, Drama. tension, release

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Nice synth work, encompassing both the lush uplift and the darkness that the best synthwave tracks are able to integrate so well. This feels like it's constantly moving forward to new ideas without getting bogged down in rote repetition, even as it all sounds cohesive. Impressive work!

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Interesting progression and layers. Just gotta run with the flow of the music - often surprising.

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Those chords are humongous. This is really ominous sounding, something anxiety-inducing about some of these sounds and that menacing bassline. I mean all this in the best possible way of course!

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You laid the sauce on well in the last 40 seconds. Props, I know it can be hard to crescendo with synths but I felt a volume increase and I responded. I'm a big melotron fan, too.