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Liner Notes: 

First skirmish in a long time, 2 hrs just barely enough time to do a basic demo, fun day! Lyric based on trips we took when the kids were young down to the beach in Destin, Florida.


We used to drive down to Destin
That was years ago
Got a picture on the bedroom dresser
Our sunny faces all aglow

We'd get up early every morning
The beach right outside our door
Run out to the sand and jump into the ocean
Those smiles were more than I could ever ask for

We were on Vacation
Takin' it easy
Building sandcastles in the sun
Nothing like a Vacation
And when the kids went to bed
We'd have a little fun of our own
On our Vacation

Swimmin' in the Gulf of Mexico
The kids pretend they were a shark
Chasin' each other in the salty water
Better than any amusement park

I'd pick them up and I’d throw 'em
Making a pretty big splash
They'd laugh and say "do it again"
And hit me in the face with a great big splash


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Nice! I assume you thought beach, saw the picture and took off? hahahah well done!

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Love the imagery in the last few lyrics, paints a picture of my youth happy playing on the beach. Good efffort!

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Sounds like a lot of fun. I remember those times when I was a kid.

Great sounding demo. Good work all the way.

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Jeff is skirmishing woo hoo. Nice one as well. A little fun of our own sounds a bit xrated Smile good little number.

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Nice fun, carefree lyric and music. You did a great job with the time constraints! Very successful skirmishing Smile

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This sounds like the sort of song to sing in the car on the way to the beach. Very summery. And the demo sounds great - nice harmonies!

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This is such a feel good nostalgic rockin’ family song! I love the groove and the vivid images of your Florida vacation. Sounds like so much fun! You capture the memories so well!

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A real toe-tapper and I'm digging the imagery. Well done on the skirmish!

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I love the easy-going rhythm, and the chorus is already stuck in my head! The line "Building sandcastles in the sun" is especially nice, and the bit about the kids pretending to be sharks made me smile. A fun and summery song, nice job!

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This is sweet! I love the way it chugs along--and that chorus is killer. I'm on vacation right now, so this hits my sweet spot