Generic Love Song Title 1

Generic Love Song Title 1

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Liner Notes: 

Took tiny bits of various vocal samples and used them rhythmically and also as an instrument for the main motif.
Wrote lyrics and played them with my vocal synth against one of the more melodic vocals, and used that as a hook/verse.
Went electro-funkish with the bass.
Could not come up with a title.


I love you so much
You give me that good love
Always on my mind
And your love is all that I'm thinking of, oh

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This is super fun! I like the build and I really like how the lyrics sound like an AI (wasn't expecting that).

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fragmentation, deconstructiom..feeling the pieces come together. .it all works

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Nice blend of sounds.

The beat is great fun. And somehow you made that bassy tone sound good! I typically really dislike pitch shifted vocals. But this just works. Maybe because it doesn't even sound like vox.

And the vocodery effect on the vox! So good. This really blooms towards the end. Smile

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Good to see you man. Nice start, very catchy and the sample placement is spot on.

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Nice sound, the vocal effects are really effective. You have a really nice blend of instruments. Really cool track.

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I did. Seriously, I did. I made the "funk face" while listening. This is the kind of "new" sound RnB that I appreciate. It has a futuristic dabble but still holds tight to some very familiar old school leanings. Aaaaannnd one of those vox samples reminded me Yukami. Smile

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I like the way you show off the Loops in the start. All are well matched for this one. Clever way to make it sound beautiful

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That electro-funk bass is extremely rad. The not-quite-glitching vocals work super well here. "Good Love" would make for an apt title if you added some emphasis (low octave maybe?) to that line in the chorus.

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Wacky and catchy as heck. So darn funky ... and that bass is fabulous. Fun stuff!

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Lots of skullchoppery here with samples but in such a creative way. You certainly caught a vibe with this. Love it!

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Every introduction of layers here introduced a movement in my body. This is body music with a mind and a heart, too.