Lonely Shore

Lonely Shore

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Liner Notes: 

I was thinking of a title/theme for today's skirmish, and imagined an empty beach, though there are loads of fools in various states during this pandemic, not practicing social distancing or wearing masks, So while I'm sure there are lots of people at the beach this July 4th weekend, I thought of a beach were there were no visitors.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This is lovely, some really great guitar work and textures!...........off to think about beaches.

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I get a western vibe, with some shade of palm trees.

The beat brings the whole thing to modern times.

Really enjoyable!

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I love the thought provoking surf feel. It evokes wonderful insight and emotion. Wonderful guitar and great bass. It transports me to a beautiful secluded beach.

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I agree with IA i get a bit westerny feel, must be a californian beach, very nice tune, i do get the surf wash!

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You really caught the surf vibe with this one. Great work. I feel wet all over! Wink

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Great finger work and surf style picking and strumming - the shadows spring to mind a little!

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Beautiful instrumental Corinne. So lovely to listen to.
Thank you for the brilliant theme as always.

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This sound is so pretty! The echo effect at the beginning really evokes the feeling of an empty place to me, and I'm really enjoying the surf style guitar. Excellent work!

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Really captures the ebb and flow of the waves in the rhythm, and the guitar feels so relaxed and laid back. Lovely.

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reminds me of a friends stay at home/physical distance social media pic of my friend standing on an empty beach.

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Really cool and lush. I get the Western vibe comments - like from a film noir movie set out West.
Thanks for doing your skirmishes! My favorite 50/90 community activity.

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Kind of western/psychedelic to me, nice guitar work. I feel your title in the music.

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High class music and playing Corrine. So many beautiful phrases on your guitars.

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Spacious. Bodacious. Possibly even a little audacious. Smile

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I liked that, I was getting a little lost in it, catchy and soothing, really enjoyed it, loved the rhythm of it!