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Liner Notes: 

Bard Cards gave me "Sleep" so... that prompted the song and the title.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very nice work with the prompt, this feels very peaceful. I love the melody, it moves just enough to keep my interest but also feels very comforting. This is a lovely song, nice job!

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the high sustained notes float on top of the melody very nicely

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Feeling this from the moment I heard the first sounds you chose to use. Great piano choices in the intro and the body of the song.
I like the sparseness, the use of just a pad, bass, and piano for the meat of the song.
The little vocal sample and the synth in the beginning made me think one thing, but you took it somewhere else. Loved this.

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This is a classic example of "less is more". There is simplicity and beauty just oozing from this lovely song! The title Storybook fits it so well!

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So relaxing. Now I want a nap Smile

Great execution & minimalism. The piano tones selected are perfect for the atmosphere you've built.

See You In The Shadows…

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A like the lullaby sensibility. I love that little blue note that you throw into the A theme and the fact that it pops up throughout, but you don't overuse it. And then the tension that you create in the B section with very minimal scoring. This is REALLY well done.

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I love this song, such pretty, calming music. I would listen to this to fall asleep to. It makes me want to write a lullaby and now I'm thinking of doing it.

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Those oscillating notes are wonderful! "less is more" indeed, something I have a hard time reigning in. Man I just woke up, but you nailed sleep! I wish I slept this peacefully! hah!

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What I really like here is that from the first minute mark onwards the music becomes full of suspense and tension, with lovely bits of dissonance and delayed chords and huge reverberating spaces, but it feels totally earned with the music that which had already hooked me in completely with some lovely piano 'twiddles' (for want of a technical term!). The little vocal sample fits so well in that regard as well.

For some reason, the music made me feel ing I was opening your eyes to something new and magical, like a new world or planet or something full of life and wonder. I could totally imagine it as film music in that regards.

The ending with that little bit of piano melody is wonderful.