I Had It Coming

I Had It Coming

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Liner Notes: 



I was slightly startled
a little unnerved
I asked for nothing
but I got what I deserved
yeah, I had it coming

I was a broken robot
I was a delayed train
you knocked me over
and said start again

I was a hopeless failure
I was a little forlorn
but with your assistance
I could be reborn

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!! In response to your liner note Smile

Really enjoyed this....it has a grungy electropop feel that's reallyworking for me!

really great line too "I asked for nothing, got what I deserved."

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A love song? Biggrin

Clever and fun. Don't ever stop being this great!

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Cool pop number. Yes - I suppose this could be interpreted in so may ways, but to me it sounds like an 80s throwback (a la Friday Night Videos). I like it...a lot!

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Yes cool number. The lyrics just bounce perfectly. Nice.

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Love love love this. Those harmonies in the chorus are terrific, and the lyrics are fantastic. Great all around. I just downloaded.

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I love the contrast between jangly and fuzzy guitars and the trippy synths. This is a little pop gem.

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This is a little Beck esque. The distorted synths create a really interesting texture for your fuzzy leads and telephone-type vocal. This is really unique sonically and it still has a really nice groove to it. Great song!

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If I had done this I would have slapped a star next to it and taken the week off. It's just perfect, I think. The fuzzy bass, the drums, the cool vocals, the guitar, washy synths--all of it is great. The lyric is the best part, though. I'm not sure what it means, but it feels so sad and so true. I mean, I ask for nothing...and I have it coming.

Recently I was walking in a cemetery near my house and I saw a gravestone with this inscription: I told you this would happen. I thought that might be the best epitaph in the history of the world--and it also sounded like the title of a VV song

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Love the fuzziness of this, the big synth bass is great. Telephone vocal on the verses works really well too. Really like this, short and sweet.

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Very cool sound. Nice vocal effects in the 'broken robot' verse.

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Great sound, that guitar is right in my face.

Asked for nothing/got what I deserved -- perfect line there.

I like the radio voice for the second verse.

This is kind of a dystopian love song, huh?

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That bass line was nice, really dirty and in your face. Great lyrics as always.

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Big fan of that delayed second snare. Getting real MGMT vibes from this, but that's only 'cause you used a big square bass synth I suppose. The vocals seem be a little overpowering, dipping the volume of the rest of the track, but that actually kinda works as an effect, intentional or not!

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good punchy song - some really neat lines and overall sounds great. enigmatic lyrics too.

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The vocals on this are awesome with the harmonies in the main bit and the distorted section where it all goes a bit *band I cant remember the name of*. So catchy. I likes.

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I like the raw, low-fi approach here, the cacophony of guitars and other sounds, the tone and rhythm of the vocals. Really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!