Shepherd's Final Test

Shepherd's Final Test

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Liner Notes: 

Fifth one. This took way too long! Ayayay!

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Well no wonder it took a while. 3 completely different themes. You’ve got half a soundtrack in here. I like the variation and I love the melodic lines you’ve created.

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The energy in the opening is contagious. Then it's like the story unfolds and we go on a light-hearted adventure. I enjoyed the ride and it was a pleasure to listen to all the elements you included.

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Unexpectedly hit me in the feels from :58-1:36. Excellent use of the chip for that beautiful melody. Stirring. Perfect. This brought back many memories.
And you do it again in the next section. This is one of the best uses of chiptune sounds I've heard in some time - expertly done. This is the kind of music that I remember from various parts of random old rpgs; the stuff that stuck out and stayed with me.

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OK, now I want to play the video game that goes with this song. Something pixelated with good old VGA graphics and a DOS interface Smile

See You In The Shadows…

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Very nice classic sounding track! I love all the sounds, it's so authentic sounding that it could easily be from an old game. Very enjoyable track, you've already done so many different style songs in 2 days!

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IA, thanks for your kind comments on Get This, but I really loved what your Shepherd's Final Test was doing in my brain. I had imagined someone stealing somebody ashes from somewhere up high after breaking in to the funeral parlour, then going straight out the back door with the urn.
Then - after the pause - I see everybody waiting down by the bay for the person to show up with the ashes as the song becomes a bit more funereal - only to gradually realise the urn has been stolen and those ashes are not showing up.
It's great fun.
Save downloading a movie, it's now all there in my head.