Mai'a Pia (Banana Beer)

Mai'a Pia (Banana Beer)

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"Mai'a Pia (Banana Beer)" (original) #FiftyNinety

Liner Notes: 

The title is the combination of the Hawaiian words for banana ("Mai'a") and beer ("Pia")
Boulder, CO is known for its craft beer scene.
During the pandemic, one of the local breweries created an "ice cream beer truck" - hence the last line of the chorus.


I’ve drowned my days in banana beer
Sunny days and foggy minds, foamy and clear
On the lanai, oh my my, what do I hear
An ice cream beer truck, (an ice cream beer truck?!) loud and clear!

What can we add to this barley and hops?
To make it stand out, from the crowd, when the keg drops?
Keep ‘em coming while I’m drumming on the table tops.
And if I’ve had a few, past curfew, don’t call the cops.

Take a pint, or taste a flight, it’s all the same
Taste the high notes, and the low notes, that’s the game
The festivals and contests award all the fame
Ghost peppers in an ale, is why I came

Oranges and thin mint chocolates, in a stout
What rhymes with oranges, come’on, call it out!
Brewing fruit’s what it’s all about!

G6, E7, Am, D7

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Has a nice Cabana lilt and its about beer, how can this not be good!

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Nice tone to your vocal. Interesting topic. Nice Summery feel to the song. Jolly and upbeat. Nice work.

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Good job for the video!

I love that chorus and the ice cream beer truck repeat! Biggrin So nice.

"Taste the high notes, and the low notes, that’s the game"

What a great line!

Good job!