Photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy

Photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy

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Liner Notes: 

This song was recorded in a single take. I play the guitar, going through the Empress ZOIA for effects. Drums, bass, pads and the arpeggio are coming from the Teenage Engineering OP-Z, which I control using the Keith McMillen Softstep 2 to change mute groups. I did some light mastering on Ardour.



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Very very groovy. That guitar sound is magical too. Digging on this big time!

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Electro-ambient-quasi-funky goodness; this definitely gets a very nice groove going, and is a soaring listen when I just Closed my eyes and surrendered to the sound.

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Nice fuzzball groove here.

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I'm a sucker for a cool groovy guitar and this didn't disappoint - nice.

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Great grooviness on this........the synths really add to it, hard to do with a "cleanish" guitar sound

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Cool groove on this track, the guitar is very nice. Wonderful tone. I like the synths going in the back also, it makes for a nice backdrop and gives the mix atmosphere.

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I swear every time I listen to one of your songs I end up looking up prices for cool gadgets... it's a very real danger! Love the vibe here, guitar sounds great and the whole thing has a real atmosphere to it.

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This is the grooviest thing ever! Beto, just wow! Lovely guitar licks around the synth environment. I particularly like the bassline. Nice work my friend!

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Great sound and groove. Love the deep deep bass

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Love the vibe here.
Makes me think of Zero 7.
Dig the chilled melodic guitar with the sparkly arp. Really like those guitar lines.
Good bass sound selection and rhythm pattern.
Great track and feel.

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Nice and groovy track, been curious about both the Zoia and the OP-Z, seems like you have put them to good use here. Really like the synth sounds, especially the arpeggio stuff.

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Hah, I love the title!

I get an easy feeling, altho the harp like sound makes my mind wander back to the photocopier. It's like wandering through endless office hallways to a vending machine oasis. You're stuck there, but not really that committed. So it's all good.

Thanks for the sweet soloing!

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Great tune! I love your craftmanship.

§ Roel