Rapping Rhapsodic

Rapping Rhapsodic

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Liner Notes: 

Here's my answer to the week1 challenge. This was mostly a lyrical exercise for me. I got it written in about an hour and then took maybe a little less than that to record. It's not a keeper for me so I didn't want to spend too much time on it, but I had fun with it! I was definitely soaking in my Chap Hop self when I wrote this. Is it Chap Hop if a girl writes it? Can girls be chaps now?


I'm driving down the highway in my Honda Fit
Dreaming up rhymes. Chomping at the bit
To dazzle and astonish with my verbal wit
Cause I'm an AP kid and I'm proud of it
I've got Shakespeare as my navigator
No fear of the doubters and haters
I'm a frontier punk and an instigator
With dreamscape schemes where I'm the curator

Pleased to meet you. My name is Katie
Rapping rhapsodic on my ukulele
An odd bird. A little bit shady
Rapping rhapsodic on my ukulele

We're got a hootenanny going on the side
So grab your hardy curdy or your ophicleide
The stranger the better. No need to hide
Play your theremin out with pride
We'll have tea parties with dinosaurs
Pirate adventures on distant shores
Sideshow freaks and garden tours
I'll put on my fancy hat and I'm out the door

I've got big ideas. My mind is spinning.
Mad as a hatter and I can't stop grinning
Off the rails, but it feels like winning
Don't quit now. It's just the beginning
When it's all said and done and the light is fading
IT was all for fun. There will be no grading
So come as you are or go masquerading
As long as we got out with trebuchets blazing

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SUCH fun. I feel like I know you a little better and I love the fun lyrics and sound of the uke and rap combo.

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I've been dazzled and astonished with your verbal wit.

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Prime chap(ette?) hop indeed, and the uke works perfectly. This is an utter delight to listen to - just oodles of fun. I may steal... I mean “borrow”... your genre idea and try my hand at chap hop too for my own Introduction song.

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I'm all smiles. This is great great fun. Shakespeare as a navigator lol. Too much yummy, nice to meet you! Enjoyed.

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all the above! clever witty well structured all the stuff i expect from you! nice one

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Fantastic! What a fun trip. Smile Great rhyming and flow. Wink

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love your writing and delivery. clever rhymes and vivid umages. chorus is perfect

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Love that funky ukulele riff, great backing for your rapping. Lyrics are fun and clever - where else are you find theremins and trebuchets together in a song?

Nice alliteration for 'rapping rhapsodic'

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Very fun and quirky song. This works very well as a introductory type song, it has so much personality in the lyrics and delivery. The whole uke rap thing works very well and the transition into the melodic chorus is super.

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re things in common. If you ever hold that tea party in virtual space, I’m in. Great intro!

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Nerd-chic-cool. I really enjoyed this.

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Parts Flight of the Conchords, Teena Marie's Square Biz, and yet it's 100% all you. Thanks for making this happen!

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I like the contrast between the verses and the chorus, and referencing yourself in the chorus (as the challenge requires) is cool!

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This ended up being the first song I listened to on 50/90, and the first I've heard from you, so it was a good introduction! I love this song. It's so much fun and man, you are pretty good with words. I've been very undisciplined with rhymes so far for my first few songs (haven't posted them yet). I go for meaning first with no regard to rhyme and then I'm just too lazy to rewrite.

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So fun. Enjoying all the moods and attitudes packed in here. Also thanks for the intro to a new genre. And the contrast mentioned by others is nicely effective.

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Please to make your acquaintance as well!

Tea party with dinosaurs sounds like it could go wrong in so many ways! But I love the idea Biggrin

That riff on the background and how it ebbs and flows is so inventive!

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What a trip. Loving all of these intro challenge responses. Pleased to meet you Katie!

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i like the rhyme of Katie and ukulele. and rapping rhapsodic is nice too. nice intro song. have a fun 5090 Smile

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The lyric is amazing and then what an entertaining delivery! Great stuff.