Horns (This Life Without You)

Horns (This Life Without You)

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Liner Notes: 

I watched the movie, 'Horns' last night and enjoyed it quite a bit. I was trying to write a song using "horns" as a metaphor but ended up just writing about the movie from the protagonist p.o.v.

This one is a simple progression. I started with the bass line, recorded it first. Then added guitars. Then lead and finally vocal/lyric. I started this early this morning, went on my Saturday morning run (4.5 miles, a little under average for a Saturday) and then came back and finished it. Thanks to 50/90 (Eric) for Fawm hosting I've just posted my first two from today.


Here I stand accused, convicted
Everyone thinks that I did it
i want the world to know that I still love you

People see horns on my head
Convinced that i am why you're dead
I say to you as I confess, I love you

I wasn't there to hear your cries
I should have been right by your side
I don't know if I can live this life
Without you

People keep staring, I can't get away
Horns on my head mark my disgrace
I swear on the cross planted by your grave, I love you

I keep looking and I find a clue
My brother, my friend, they can't tell the truth
They both lie even they know I love you

I wasn't there to hear your cries
I should have been right by your side
I don't know if I can live this life
Without you

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I really like this one. It's got a great melody, and I really like that lead guitar tone. Now I gotta go watch the movie Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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Great melody on this track and your vocals do a great job taking that on. Nice leads in the track and flow of the song. Great listen!

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i can see meatloaf covering this with an awesome video

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Very nice, catchy song. I have never seen "Horns" but I know the the plot. This is a really clever take on it. I love the guitar parts, they let the lyrics shine nicely.

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Good groove, strong bass line, and I really like the production touches with the changes of pace, That guitar is great too! Smile

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Yeah, catchy, and great guitar work. Mysterious story, I don’t know the movie, but I think this song stands on its own quite well. Especially like the ending—that long bend, a little pause, then boom.

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Your vocals and really strong in this. The guitars play really well against the drums and the bass and most importantly the song is super catchy. Nice work.

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I really like the vocals, and the vocal doubling adds a nice touch. Super-catchy pop-rock song, I'm still singing it! Love the brief guitar solo on the outro. A Fountains of Wayne vibe (one of my favorite bands!).

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Nice laidback feeling with dark material, reminds me of simpler times...thanks for the trip! The guitar work is excellent, and just the right density.

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This is very good. A real pop-rock song. All the elements fuse together really well.

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The title drew me in - I'm not familiar with the movie, but that's OK. This is a great song, and as always it's great to hear you!
A compelling story and character - I don't need to know the movie to know that. And the music is right on!

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Especially that "life this life without you" is very Green Day, but the beginning of the verse is something else, can't figure out what.

Nice doubling of the vocals and the lead guitar fills add that bit of spice there.

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Didn't make the connection with the Daniel Radcliffe movie; I thought maybe you'd dived down the rabbit-hole that is Spitfire Audio's BBC Symphony Orchestra "Discover" package. A free symphony orchestra to play with! You know you want to. Not just horns, but trumpets, tubas and two flavours of trombone for good measure! Imagine what that would add to this track! (Seriously, though - fill out the questionnaire and get yourself a free copy. You won't regret it, it's amazing.)

Lyrically, this gets really dark. An elegy to a dead love in the tradition of songs like "Leader of the Pack" and I might be imagining it, but I can hear those Motown roots here...

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I get a nice Poco/Buffalo Springfield vibe from this beauty. Wonderfully creative story line in those lyrics. Way to go!

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Pretty cool. I've never been a huge fan of filk stuff, though i think the concept and the community of it looks awesome. However, there has been filk material coming out of 5090 that i love, because you don't actually have to know the TV or film that it relates to in order to enjoy it, and this is one of those. I mean you could hear this and not have any idea it was filk, and like it just the same. Well done. Smile