Meditation for uncertain times

Meditation for uncertain times

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Liner Notes: 

Getting through each day at the moment takes an extra little bit of thought and care, and maybe we all have little phrases we keep running through our heads to keep us going...


one day at a time
rest and heal and rest and heal
there is beauty, there is good, there is love and kindness
gently now

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id love to hear a full choral arrangement of this

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I saw 'acapella' and 'round' and had to check this out. Lovely meditative feel to the melody. Rounds are hard to write-- nice work.

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Oh how lovely, I could really hear this sung with lots of voices

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This is great. This is great.

Yes, I know those little phrases all too well. Fantastic idea to put it to a song!

And the execution is beautiful. Kudos!

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Very nice indeed. Lovely overlay.

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Lovely sentiment and perfect lyric for a round. I like the meditative gentle feel.

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Beautiful mantra and vocal treatment. Calming, hope filled and restorative. Great job.

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Love it ... the combined voices sound so pure and lovely. Almost medieval in its dark beauty. More, please!

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No matter how much we know this, sometimes we need to hear it too.

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Oh this is lovely! wow! great old time spiritual right here! Will hopefully have this stuck in my head when back to droning away at the "real job" !

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This is meditation, hymn, and lullaby all in one. Beautiful melody, I love rounds. Thank you for sharing!