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Liner Notes: 

Yay feels so good to get this going!

A rough little sketch to begin with... I don't really have the equipment here at this place to record the acoustic piano properly. Discovery of the day: palm muting inside the piano turned out nicer than expected when recording like this.


Remembering what was said and done
As the world keeps rolling on
A worn-out track

Breaking up with traditions
Breaking it off with decisions we made
Leaving them behind

But the past goes on (it goes on, goes on)
Goes on screaming for more x2

Screaming for
More, More
Screaming for
More, More

Stay the same and be holy and dead?
Moving on with forgive and forget,
Catching on tangles in the thread

Leaping forward while staying behind
The voice of reason it runs out of time
Dear future, kiss me goodbye

So the now drags on (it drags on, drags on
Drags on, screaming for more x2

Screaming for
More, More
Screaming for
More, More
Deep beneath the covers
Nurtured by old hurt it grows
More, More

And I hate to hand to hate it to us, I hate to hand it to us
We’re putting on a delicate play
I hate to hand it to us, hate to hand it to us
Hate to keep us asking for change
I hate to hand it to us, hate to hand it to us
We’re begging for more of the same

More, More
More, More
Deep beneath the covers
Burning up with hurt it grows
More, More

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this is an amazing song, especially in it's kind of raw state. forces me to listen harder. "So the now drags on. . ." bit is very cool

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That piano is a treasure!

And that past goes on bridge is great... and jumps to that chorus that brings everything home. Lovely!

Excellent voice. Would love to do a collab. Biggrin

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Great piano work here and the vocal line is beautiful. The bluesy feel to the melody in the chorus especially is very catchy.

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Nice musical variation. Kept me interested. Playful lyric. Enjoyed it. Cool playing.

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Gorgeous vocals! I really like the chorus in particular.

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the piano and vocals scamper along together, crossing and criss crossing in the loveliest ways. looking forward to more of your songs.

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Very good lyric, well delivered across a rhythm line that ebbs and flows like the tide, great job on a pretty complex structure.

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That palm muting technique is rad! It sounds like something that would be on Fetch the Bolt Cutters—arresting and weird but totally works.

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Wow! This is a sketch? I really love that harmonic progression in the second line of each verse. It's not where I expect it to go, but it works so well. The language is delicious too. And you voice is just plain wow!

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I was interested to hear what palm muting is - now I know. Cool!
After hearing your other song, I had to hear one more. I like the jazzy dance of piano and vocal here.
I did some recording on acoustic piano last summer - it's a family heirloom at my sister's house. I won't get to do that this year.

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Hot damn! Love love love your voice and style! The palm muting works really well here and I like the contrast between a quieter verse and belted chorus. Saving this one for sure.

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Like this. The palm-muted piano is really fun. This rolls along nicely, the melody is engaging. It has a lot of good energy, momentum, inertia.

The voice of reason runs out of time / dear future kiss me goodbye stands out -- interesting lines. There's a lot here that I like.