Is this comfort?

Is this comfort?

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by listening to "beetlebum" by Blur and trying to remember the chords...I used to know 'em.



Stepping forwards
Stepping Backwards
Stepping Awkward
Is this comfort?

Choosing favors
To save for later
You instigator
You're not my savior


This is not my fault
And these are not my scars
These are not my wants
And I can't own ours

No, this wasn't clear
And it comes from fear
And I'm holding here
Cuz I know what grows

Verse 2:

I thought I was home
I thought you could hold it
But what do you know
You're totally frozen

And I want you to go
Yet I want you to stay
You're not all gold
But I saw you that way


And I'm finding out
What I'm about
Beyond where I'm proud
And it shoves me to darkness

Stepping forwards
Stepping backwards
Stepping awkward
Is this comfort?

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great starting lines and nicely done ending with the question. that's a really cool syncopated guitar rhythm. I love your chorus and excellent vocals too.

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I really like these chordings/strum beats. A nice rock flavor through out. Lyrics and vocals are heartelt and gives us listeners/particpants room to settle in. Good song!

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Hah, that "Stepping Awkward" is so great. Biggrin

I enjoy the feel of movement. This song marches onward but the chord progression is comforting. Like a Saturday afternoon.

This brings me back to my younger years and the music of those days. Enjoyed!

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nice song. reminds me a bit of Nico.

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The vocal delivery and lyrics in the second verse build up for a great chorus that follows - nice work!

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That's a cool strum pattern, made me look up that Blur song. I like the honesty in your lyrics and the way you sing them, a bit melancholic, yet not beaten by the things that have been happening.

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I love the rhythm of the guitar, the lyrics and chords in the chorus really catch my ear, and your vocal performance is soothing to listen to. All-around great job!

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Some unexpected chords in there. Great job, Julie. Life is a freakin' struggle