Devil in the white city

Devil in the white city

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Liner Notes: 

A friend recommended this book about a serial killer. It's not really my thing, but very much on my mind at the moment. I've started fooling around with Harmonica lately. Can't really play, but I like the sound.


Liar, killer, con man, thief, A history vast beyond belief
Dogs won’t bite me, children don’t cry. They know their own and they want to hide

Judge a man by what tale he’ll tell, I’ve a place of honor in the circle of hell
Sworn brother of the tribe of Cain, live without fear, live without shame

A study in scarlet, the virtue of sin. You don’t know where I’m headed, but you’ll know where I’ve been
You gotta know better than you ever ask why There’s no love that don’t know how to lie

Two hundred notched to my name, track them all down they would tell you the same
Judges can’t stomach it and God don’t care Fate won’t bind you if you pay her fare

Hey love, a Higher Law applies
Hey love, don’t be afraid, don’t cry

Send your prayers to your next of kin, they don’t know where you’ve gone but can sense that I’ve been
Building dreams when desire can’t wait, playing dice with the devil with a note from Fate

A light shines through from out of the pain
No one who suffers dies in vain

There’s a little bit of beauty in everything, Even in me, even in me

Running out of time with a ticket to ride, A self made man with the devil by my side
Don’t play favorites, Don’t take sides, All on the table, Anything rides

The Devil’s not going to catch me unaware
Fate’s a cheat, so don’t try to play fair

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Interesting idea!

I like that line "sworn brother of the tribe of cain".

Feels dark, but I don't know... also a bit familiar. Probably to many people.

It's nice that you can explore stuff like this with music.

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Yeh interesting composition. Has a lot of light and shade. I like the variations in tone and delivery. Sounds pretty creative. All with a strong devil theme running through it. Nice work.

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I like the sparse accompaniment. All that space plus the harmonica and the guitar style definitely gives it a bit of a country feel. Love the line “ self made man with the devil by my side.” I did one last year about Albert Hicks, the last man hanged for piracy in NY. I love those types of stories and how dramatic they can be when set to music.

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i like the pared-back intensity of this-- and harmonica is perfect as kind of 'free floating' atmosphere (I use it alot myself as well)
very interesting and provocative lyric, too. nicely done!

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Yes very well constructed song. A clever delivery style. Love the little harmonica bits.

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I've never heard anything that takes quite this approach to accompaniment before. I rather like it. It keeps this piece treading an intriguing line between song and soliloquy. Lets the frantic, breathy monologue speak almost for itself, but adds just enough moody and thematic flair to elevate it - I listened to this one twice, once following the lyrics closely, and once a little distractedly to let it wash over me. Both were equally enjoyable.

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Having minimal verses like this is an interesting idea.

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loved the flow on the lyric deliver. Almost like hip-hop with a hook that could fit into dr dre's 2001. The harmonica adds a really ghastly feel to the obviously dark subject matter, great way to learn a new tool I suppose