It Begins

It Begins

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Liner Notes: 

I wanted to get something done right away, so I started playing around with computer instrumental stuff.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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It does indeed begin! That unresolved note at the end leaves the listener breathlessly wondering what is about to happen next. Great intensity to the tune and arrangement.

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I love it! The only thing I would say is maybe try to not have the strings and whatever else there was (wind?) so high. I felt like it was a little tinny and hard to hear the notes that were being played. Other than that, great job!

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love the rhythm of the strings, with the drums providing accents

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Definitely a soundtrack vibe there.

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This definitely has a soundtrack feel - you could imagine it behind the opening credits of a movie. Real drive to the drums and cellos. The violins (or violas?) introduce an interesting dissonance in places that makes you take notice.

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Dramatic stuff!

Reminds me of Howard Shore and Jeremy Soule in themes and ideas.

The ending is great! Ominous.

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Very nice! You started with a computer instrumental, too! It definitely sounds like an epic beginning. Is there going to be an album like this?

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da da da, dada, da da da Smile

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Yes. I saw a medieval setting, trees pathways! Nice when the music paints the picture. Really nice first up.

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Cool! It's a great opening song, the beginning of an adventure. The drums give it that epic feel and I like the instrumentation throughout.

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That's quite the epic, soaring, cinematic track! Full of romance and mystery and tension, it's riveting!

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Appropriately epic... and very well done! A soundtrack for a movie that hasn't been made but I would DEFINITELY watch.

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whoa, this is one of those songs that sort of eludes words. I mean it just works. It's kinetic and bouncy, full of tension, and very memorable. Melodies are still bouncing in my head, though the song has ended

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Wow! This is really lovely and ready to drop right into an epic movie soundtrack! That is, if we are gonna still have movies with COVID! Great start to 50/90 Katie!

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Deeply atmospheric, and there's a definite spice in the mix - the elements come together as more than the sum of their parts.

I'm hearing this as the background music for an action RPG - something like a cross between Myst, DOOM and Hexen, where the demons of the future and past conspire and you find yourself with a map, a handful of weapons, and a rather large problem to solve. The ending was gripping - I wanted more!

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Suspension leading up to 1:12 and then the turnaround is very cool. I'm seeing vikings jumping out of boats with axes and stuff like that. Woah, cool ending. I like it!