Valleys of Aeria

Valleys of Aeria

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Liner Notes: 

First one done!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very atmospheric, got that nice spacey feel. Nice starter!

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Love the opening, spacious uplifting feel

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Loved the intro - set up a cool clubby vibe right from the off. Bass hits nicely. Some really nice texture changes going on in the synths.

Enjoyed that.

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First a confession: I don't really like EDM. OK, now you know. But this has some really nice music and it sounds like you spent some time putting it all together.

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Hypnotic bass line. Spacey feel.

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I love instrumentals that have titles like that. I often imagine some kind of scenario straightaway. Wink I'm not a general fan of EDM (or even know much about it), but I found this piece very appealing and listenable, and with a really pretty - quite captivating - melody running through it.

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As I was listening, I was thinking "I feel like I am floating in space' and then I scrolled down and saw the other comments before me and I thought, great I nailed it. HA HA - Really wonderful layers. Excellent work

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Cool atmospheric track, I like the reverb and the synth sounds. It has an ambiance to it that brings you in, nice bird sounds as well that was a good touch!

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nice track to wake up to. goes well with coffee to give an optimistic head start to the day,

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You've created something that's both darkly mysterious and really catchy. I love the way to take it down and then build it back up. Super hypnotic!

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(Yes, I'm holding my end of the bargain) I'm delighted by the depth and clarity of this. yes it's big and spacey and there's a lot going on but it's all so beautifully clear. And this one I'm downloading Applause, to remind myself of what can be done with a simple theme and care in organisation and production and avoiding the mudpit I always end up in.

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This has a great feel, you've managed the hypnotic while still making me want to shake my butt........great work(back to the grind) music!

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Well done... Impressive in many ways Especially the Repetitive use of the melodic theme, balancing with the memorizing Bass line. I really like what you are doing this year.

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Love the kick and overall vibe! I'm starting to work on my first one. Congrats for getting it done!

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This would be fantastic in a movie! Pulled me in fast

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Such huge space between all the frequencies. It's like an endless field - or a forest so deep that you can only glimpse at what hides within. I like how the themes evolve, yet the main theme keeps re-asserting itself, keeping the entire piece connected. Awesome work!

See You In The Shadows…

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Pleasant listening.

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as i type this you have posted seven songs and we're not even finished day 2!
Anyway, cool club track, this. A nice note of ominosity in there. Loads of space and atmosphere. Can't help but hear the visuals...

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This is truly out of this world. Those synths appear to sing about alien sorrows!

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Slightly nostalgic for turn-of-the-millennium techno music now. I love the swirls and eddies, and the fact that everything resonates so smoothly, with all the precision engineering of space. The energetic synth riff is a nice foil for the misty haze that never quite leaves the background.

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There's a saying we have down 'ere in Brizzle when something particularly appeals to the sensibilities; we say it's "Gert lush."

This is gert lush.

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Oh yes! I can listen to this kind of thing all day, every day! This is so many kinds of good. Smile As HFO said - "gert lush". In Yorkshire we go for understatement. If a Yorkshireman says "it'll do" you know there can be nothing better. This track? It'll do. Wink

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Getting a build up of energy as I take steps through the spacey labyrinth to a dark world of electric pulse! Nice job on getting the balance of melody and bass and not drowning out any parts! Established and we'll made Smile