On The Ferry To A Mindless Place

On The Ferry To A Mindless Place



Liner Notes: 

There is a distinct lack of Korg Gadget calls on my list of songs. The reason? My iPad is getting old. Slower by the day. Also Korg updated Gadget to version 2. I find it less intuitive than before and it uses a lot more processing power, slowing the iPad even more. It means I can't mix the tracks easily in real time. This is the only track I got even close to completion. I had to send it to Reason to finish it, so it doesn't have that Gadget sound.

I was traveling on the ferry to Rothesay for work, I put some chords together on Chordbot, sent the midi file to Gadget, worked on it with Gadget instruments, but could not mix it. So I sent the Gadget file to Reason and this is the result.

I called this song On The Ferry, because I was on the ferry when I wrote it. When I created the midi file song on Gadget it was renamed by Gadget as Mindless Place. So I combined both titles and renamed the song On The Ferry To A Mindless Place.

THIS IS NOT A REFLECTION OF ROTHESAY, which is a very nice, mind full kind of place.


There are no lyrics.

Music by M M Scullion ©2019

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Very nice instrumental piece. It's open to suggestions regarding the meaning of it, for me it's dynamic and positive, like anticipation of something good about to happen.