Sweetwater Man

Sweetwater Man

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Liner Notes: 

Recently had my first experience with Sweetwater's hyper-attentive customer service. Talking with other musicians, we riffed on the sweetness and weirdness of it. Had fun making this little musical comedy-drama.


Better not to spoil them. :-)

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How did I know the title referred to THAT Sweetwater? I ordered equipment from them for our school auditorium over the spring. Sadly, this is not playing for me right now. I'll have to come back to it tonight.

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Love this! Quirky creative fun! I’m feeling an urge to order something from Sweetwater now. Wonderful flow and nice change up between spoken and sung parts! C

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Oh, fun. I always send my sales engineer straight to voicemail. Respect my boundaries!

Love the quick cuts, like away from "OK, time's up". The theremin bit.

Brad has always been very nice. But I don't completely trust him.