Come home

Come home

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Liner Notes: 

Recorded it on the whim on my phone, so yeah dont expect much of quality and i messed up the intro and some of the lyrcis, but oh well. I at least wanted to put out my own demo this year, so here you go.

i tapped out the chords for you cause don't know all the names, tell me if you know them haha

relative to the capo on the third fret
F#m7 C#m7 A6 E? F#?(passing chord)
E|----2-------4--------------x-------x--- |----x----|
B|----2-------5--------------5-------6--- |----7----|
G|----2-------4-------------6-------8--- |---6----|
D|----2-------6-------------4-------6----|--- 5----|
A|----4-------4-------------x-------7---- |---6----|
E|----2-------x-------------5-------x----- |--x----|

F#m7 C#m7 Bm7 A7

end on an Emajor


You left
this morning
a warning

was it me?
i think so
don't tell me
i know

come home, tonight
cause i'll be there
come home, tonight
or don't, that's fine

your smile
was fading
a warning

was it you?
don't think so
i'll tell you
you know

come home, tonight
cause i'll be there
come home, tonight
or don't, that's fine

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I love the crisp concise lyrics and how effectively they deliver the ambivalent message - well crafted! Missed the demo though!

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Your calm way of singing fits the lyrics perfectly. Nice one for a quicky, plus it has room to grow. The chord progression invites some to be made extra melodies.

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lyrical feedback only
i do like songs that have the whole "less is more" vibe going for them, plus repetition of pre-choruses etc. I would've like to see one more verse though

I have written in this style myself (LIM) and what i tend to do is put the nuts and bolts line by line to see if anything is missing or unfinished - (unless that 'unfinished' feeling was what you were going for?)

v1 - you left this morning without a warning
v2 - your smile was fading without a warning
v3 - what would you say next to complete the circle? (or triangle even Smile )