Snowbird Passing

Snowbird Passing

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Liner Notes: 

I sort of missed most of 5090 this year. And I sort of missed most of this winter in the mountains too: didn't get there till spring, but was met by a late short blizzard, the last breath of winter. And now the snowbirds are almost gone and the summer returns. So here it is, warts and all, a last waltz for the snowbirds. (and an antidote to the efforts of FT's Travelling Blues Band!)

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Very nice, perfectly evoking sadness at something passing, but realising that it's time to move on. I especially liked the end movement which to me feels like your trying to hang on before letting go. Good as it is, but I could easily hear a full orchestra behind this, playing over pictures of the nature scene described above.

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Oh Tim, you know I love your touch on the keys and I also love beautiful waltzes... this is absolutely gorgeous as it conveys the movement of time. Wonderful phrasing as it ebbs and flows.

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Beautiful piano. So melancholy. Think I should do my piano practice now. Lovely.

Ahhhh... Just what I needed to listen to after catching up on the day's news headlines. Melancholic but restful, sombre but restorative.

And yes, you were missed this summer!