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Liner Notes: 

Val sent me a nice blues track awhile back. I think I was supposed to write lyrics to it... but after many lyrics and at the end of 5090 I’m at a loss for words so played a little flute instead. Had to play a bit quietly as everyone here is in bed, so just jammed a few tracks. May polish it up later when I can play with more gusto!



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This is delightful! I like that it's two (at least) flutes - like they are dancing with each other to an easygoing blues shuffle. Cool collab!

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I didn't know you can play the flute, Liz. The combination of Val's nice acoustic blues and flute is surprising at first but it actually works wonderfully. So sunny and upbeat music and a very nice beat. Oh, now that I think about it Canned Heat had a big hit with this same formula in Going Up the Country ( but they had vocals too ). Anyway this is a great collab and very enjoyable to listen.