God Is a Lizard

God Is a Lizard

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Liner Notes: 

When our daughter was in first grade 11 years ago at a Catholic school, the teacher asked the kids to draw what they thought God looks like. Our daughter drew a multicolored lizard wearing lipstick and pearls. I don't know why it took me so long to write this song.


He can be brown or he can be green
She can be blue or yellow or something in between
God is a lizard – know what I mean?

He can live in a jungle or in your backyard
She can be so tiny or so so large
God is a lizard and always in charge

I was sitting at my desk paying my last bill
When I saw her perched on the windowsill
She said follow me
I said I think I will

God surely can be anything
A painting, a rock, a bird with golden wing
To me God’s the lizard made me wanna sing

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This is great! Love your little riffs and expressive vocals but most of all I really love the creativity and perceptions of your daughter. How cool! And I love the gender equity you attribute to God. Great song!

Uke is super blusy and cool. I like that! Right on with the lyrics too.

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Love the back story-kids are so creative! I love the uke and this song is the bomb!~

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Yes, I know exactly what you mean! This is heartwarming - I love where you take your daughter's idea. I can feel the enthusiasm for the idea in your performance.

Fun song - and the delivery deserves its own special round of applause!

I love the story in the liner notes. Sounds much more plausible than David Icke's the-world-is-run-by-shapeshifting-lizards books, anyway Smile