You Followed Me (the stealth collab version)

You Followed Me (the stealth collab version)

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17 posted these lyrics a few hours ago. I saw them when I got home from work, and I don’t know why but they lit a fire under me and here we are. Hoping this will be a nice wakeup surprise halfway around the world tomorrow morning!


You followed me
Halfway around the world
We talked about this
I don’t need you
I don’t want you here
Yet here you are
Lurking, always lurking

You followed me
Halfway around the world
You don’t understand
I can do this
I can handle things
Yet you doubt me
Disdain, always disdain

You followed me
Halfway around the world
Why torture me here?
I have demons
I have my vices
Yet you tease me
Mocking, always mocking

You followed me
Halfway around the world
Please stop doubting me
Know what to do
Know where I’m going
Yet you know all
Distrust, always distrust

You followed me
Halfway around the world
Think I’ll leave you here
I don’t need you
Don’t want you either
Yes, I’m just fine
Goodbye, again goodbye

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I love the directness of the lyrics with that nice word repeat in the last line of each stanza. The music delivers the message so well. I always love your musical sensibility Barbara and your vocals are superb on this.

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Yeah!!! This is great! I super appreciate you setting these lyrics, and so quickly! I saw it in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, but I couldn't get up to listen. (Once you're under your mosquito net, it's best to stay put.) It was an awesome thing to wake up to for sure! I like the simplicity and the harmonies. In my head, I heard this as a dark a gloomy song, more of a lament, a "Why the fuck won't you just leave me alone!!!" kind of thing, b/c that's how I was feeling. But you made it sassy, upbeat, and positive. A better setting actually. I dig it! <3

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Oh, fun. What a cool story. Sort of the flipside of Marti Jones and Don Dixon (Follow you all over the world). This song is different and creepy. I'm just fine, goodbye. Love the guitar groove and harmonies.

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That is a great tune, really lovely. I really like the way it goes around and around--and the vocals are awesome. I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics until the song was over. The tune is so sweet, while the lyric is darkly defiant. It's a great combo, especially with the f-off closing lines