Blues for a lost world

Blues for a lost world

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Liner Notes: 

I started with a bit of sound on an iPad app called "Borderland". It muddles together a few overlapping sound sources in interesting and unpredictable ways.

Then fake drums, a blues bass line on uke bass, and a couple tracks of synth noise.

And some vague lyrics.


Nobody knows how we got here
we all vaguely remember
comfortable lives
in another time
and place
but here we are now
where is here?
nobody even knows.

how did we travel to this place?
who was our Moses?
And what seas did they part?

There's no map
no compass
no direction home
there's no history
no memory
not one single touchstone

We believe we may
have once had
cherished memories
but they're lost
blown away
with the wind
across this
empty landscape

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This has a wonderfully abstract existential kind of feel with the sparse philosophical lyrics delivered so brilliantly and the weird in a really good way music with a kind of dark industrial ethereal edge. Really creative and engaging!

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Sounds like a modern update of some of that late 60s experimental music. Frankly its a bit more listenable than a lot of it was. Nice idea this!

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Another set of great lyrics - vague, I suppose, but I get an origin story out of them.
And a really cool and creative use of sound to tell the tale. Impressive piece you've layered together.

I seem to be gravitating toward tracks tagged with "weird" at the moment. This *definitely* deserves the tag. Great lyrics that could be straight out of an SF novel, an arrangement that does all sorts of interesting and unexpected things, and some very neat noises including some gorgeous bursts of dub spring reverb. Very tasty...

Most enjoyable.