God of Nothing (Everything)

God of Nothing (Everything)




Liner Notes: 

Marije: well this was definitely not what I expected but I love the twist and the creativity this collab brought us. I'm so grateful we got to collaborate together.

ustaknow: Well, when I read the original lyric thought to do it, -- for a number of reason TLTR for here.

Addressed first, -- was that for me, the very good original lyric may have to "for me", well, it may have to have my hand all over it, so to speak, (insert my long musication process here Smile , -- not! Smile ) -- but, could be done *as-is. I love a good linear progression too!

Add in that, for me again, -- some lyrics are external and only audible, for me, many can, -- not be external, as well, the audio connects emotionally, spiritually with that effect more than audio to mind pics; -- this was like that for me.

Add in that I heard it in my head with a number of melodies, -- what I do is, see what it wants to be, how it comes out. For me this could be sung by someone "solo" who has the voice and emotional, spiritual connection to it and either, "Belted", or 1v1g (one voice, one guitar) quietly spoke-sung on ones back porch (so to speak), like a few here do.

Anyway, what this is, is a first pass, one-take that got a number of first pass, one-take overdubs added as Mono tracks, then L/R'd to attempt to convey a "Choral" effect, but not in a cheesy plug-in way... as well as I can do manually. (Add in an excuse Smile hahhh! I had just changed over to only SM57, non-powered Mics, and was way over on the Bass Hz side (as SM57's can be)... so did have to figure out "quickly" what to leave in, Hz wise.) And as some know, I do work fast, very fast, if even manually in Audacity. Again, it's framed out for one to "get" my direction imo Smile

~~ ~~ ~~ So, for me, and I hope most importantly "Marije and matthijs", that they somehow connect... -- otherwise as I insist, it will be deleted. ~~ ~~ ~~

(So why attempt it then? -- because when one spends intense time with others words it has effect, and I look for that to engage any musical box I may be in. And, so, it's never a loss. But, why have a demo up that the original author may not like? I have no issue deleting songs, burning my paintings, doing performance art which like chalk is gone hours from it's creation Smile -- but, that's just me.)

So, derUgo!

PS: I know of Churches that would sing this in "one of five" of their pre-service songs! hahhh! Just say'in... Smile There are many folks who have considered this, as the Albrecht Durer track art, for me, is evidence of, "Michael Fighting...". (AD was always a favorite artist of mine... his prints are just amazing, for me. HEY! do scream out to the Lord and demand the promises made, why not? Who else you gonna complain too? What's the alternative? -- "Congress" Wink hahhh!, but I digress! Wink )

Chords used A C# D E, D A E A


Spread your Wings
And take us to the Son
We could never atone
For what we have done

It’s one for all
But none for one
Why did you forsake
Your only Son

We aren’t worth Your sacrifice
We only make everything worse
Humanity believes it creates
But it simply destroys the universe

God of nothing
Just strike us down
For we have sinned
With blood stained crowns

Spread your Wings
Take us to the Son
We could never atone
For what we have done

We aren’t worth Your sacrifice
We only make everything worse
Humanity believes it creates
But it simply destroys the universe

Flood the world
Don’t let us begin anew
We’ll only bring reign and ruin
And bite more than we can chew
[*End w/repeat above]

(c) 2019 Marije, matthijs, ustaknow (alias)

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coolparadiso's picture

Cool guys! I like the lyric. The most mainstreamish i have heard you usta. Its a nice easy to listen to song! Really enjoyable

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

The last part of the lyric brings it home with the 'Flood the world'; indeed we're well on our way to make this happen Greta would say (and I believe her). Luckily I live in one of the highest areas of Amersfoort :-).