Big Time Player

Big Time Player

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Who's bringing the funk? You are, apparently! What a great groove to this track. Love the video-gamey sounds around 2 minutes in too!

Oh yeah! Listen to that bass. Sets a great groove for this one. Got the the stank on it, complete with horns. Yeah..This could be my new jam. That's so good!

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great track - yep man play it loud - really cool track! a great genre mix

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Oh oh I love me some funk ! Especially when it involves prominent bass Smile Cool groove man.

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Bass is groovy, but I actually love the organ a lot. Horns sound good, nicely arranged. Everything is a little crunchy in an excellent lo-fi kinda way.

Fun tune.

Very funky. And yeah, it's that organ that lays down the grease that lets everything else slide along so smoothly. It plays against the bass just the way it should.