Oh, Candy! ( The Final Rhapsody )

Oh, Candy! ( The Final Rhapsody )

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Liner Notes: 

Hey, I made a song! Hope you like it. Smile

PS. This is the last rhapsody, not the last song. I'll post my last song Monday, God willing.


Oh, Candy, your lips still taste like springtime sunshine
Oh, Candy
I'm glad I found you in time so fine

When you can't hear me
asleep by my side
I'll tell you so softly
the thing that I hide
Oh, Candy
You are my favorite one

You and I
you and I
under the moonlit sky
holding hands
like they were hearts

You and I
you and I
moon like a gouda pie
kisses so tasty it hurts

suddenly you go quiet
as we walk to the beach
but this fire so silent
is never out of our reach

- instrumental-

I make coffee in the morning
she's my sugar and my cream
soon I'll stop with all my yawning
my frown turns into a beam

'cos we got loving
and that is all that we need
a pretty garden
to plant the seed

when you got loving
you got to water the tree
and little green things
that children see

She never was a wallflower
more like a poppy field
I have to take a cold shower
I'll take a cold
shower every hour

I'll take a
cold, cold, cold, cold shower
cold, cold, cold, cold shower

I gonna skip bail
and lose my
I'm gonna outrun
the hounds of
Raul's backyard
I'm gonna eat three chickens
fried in lard
When this is all over gonna party so hard

I'm gonna party, party, party hard
I'm gonna party, party, party hard
I'm gonna party, party, party hard
When this is all over gonna party so hard, baby

( solo )

...fried in lard
When this is all over gonna party so hard
When this is all over, baby, gonna partyyy so hard
When this is all over gonna party soooo...

...ooooh, Candy
I know the storm is blowing over
but I can feel my shoulder is older

You and I
You and I
You and I
You and I
You and I
You and I

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Probably too cliche but this sweet! Such good flow and honest show of true love. A+!

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This is a really fun track, Klaus. Love it. You've had an amazing 50/90 and I'm glad to have had a chance to listen to your stuff all summer!

nancyrost's picture

I get a 70s pop vibe from this - reminds me of Todd Rundgren mixed with some proggier elements. A very fun listen!

coolparadiso's picture

Yup step up the fun! Started as a very klaus pop song, then the beatles turn around then into crazy land! Enjoyed the ride!

kahlo2013's picture

Wow! This is really lovely jazzy rock and pop! Love the great analogies and the music is delightedly wonderful from the kazoos and keys and organ and guitars - I love all of the great change ups between sections! My wife and I are smiling ear to ear as we listen. Love this amazing journey through so many classic pop rock genres and quirky lyrics!

oneslowtyper's picture

This was just soooo much fun, to take a musical trip thru the brain of Klaus!!
I can feel your excitement as you close in on your final song.

JWHanberry's picture

Wow and what a rhapsody it is. Very 60's from the start and then you do the "Abby Road"esque medley. It's all very well played and sung. Obviously a lot of thought and effort went into this most excellent production. You da man!

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

Never heard of Gouda pie before, but after some googeling it seems to be a real thing. Nice mellotron in the 2nd part! Nice return to Candy at the end, sir PmC would be proud of you :-).

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...strong opening springtime sunshine. Good structure and I'm trying to figure out "how would Klaus do this" as I am reading it. It is quite a bit to say in a song too. Some parts literally jump off the sheet. You and I obviously is the bottom line. Nah, it wasn't that obvious and I figured it out. There is a lot of emphasis on cold and party. Candy got a couple of calls but probably more pronouns. I'm ready for the audio Klaus...hold. Vocals oh Candy...sounds good...(internet problem)...oh candy...I'm glad I found you in time...so fine. You and I you and I .....moonlight....suddenly you go quiet...instrumental break...vocals and melody for the singing sounds really good. This is flutes right now...changeup to rock beat...organ now...kazoo I think...a pretty garden to plant the seed...changeup again...riff groove on guitar...drums...vocals now...cool jam and vocals...cold cold cold cold....drums...jazz changeup now...Elvis...Party hard....baby....acoustic guitar solo...when is all over baby gonna party so hard...when this is so over...Candy...lol...You and I... Excellent Klaus enjoyed it.