Liner Notes: 

Helen sent me another super soulful r&b track. I love singing stuff like this.


Everytime we touch
I can feel my pulse race
I know that my desire
Is written all on my face
Oh and when we kiss
I know it doesn't get better than this
I wanna be here forever

Everytime I wake
Wake up in your arms feels so right
My life must be charmed
Ohhh...and when I see your eyes
With the fire of love alive
I wanna be here forever

Ohh..and when I see your eyes
With the fire of love so alive
I know I wanna be here forever

I wanna be here forever

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cindyrella's picture

I love hearing you sing them too! Your voice is so soulful and just right for a song like this. Exceptional song ladies!

Chip Withrow's picture

Yeah, this sure is a good one! I love the electric piano/Fender Rhodes sound as a rhythm instrument, and the flute/synth sound is pretty and melodic. And of course, there's Val's voice with some sultry words - always awesome!

fresh spotless youth's picture

There's something warm and welcoming in the sound, from the very first chord. I'm loving the sultry vocal and the melodic instrumental interludes. The whole piece is a warm, feel-good blanket by the fire on a cool autumn day

standup's picture

Love that Rhodes piano sound, and the relaxed pace. Beautiful love song, expresses the feeling we should all be striving for. And nice synth break! Very smooth, adds a lot.

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a bit of love from here from this one that slipped by. Nice lyric really well performed - got a real depth feel to it! very nice

Great sound and as described in the liner notes.

kahlo2013's picture

The track has a lovely soulful and mellow when the lights are low warm feel and the heartfelt tenderness in the vocals make the lyrics come alive with longing and desire.

crisp1's picture

This really works! For me it's especially the vocal that totally hits the R&B spot but the whole package is great.