Crash & Burn

Crash & Burn

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Liner Notes: 

I had fun with this last demo of 5090 2019. My pc recently crashed so I've been getting everything set back up. I was in a slight hurry to get this demo done so instead of exporting the beat to Audition and recording vox there I recorded the vox in my DAW. (FL Studio) I bounced a mixdown from there. I'm not accustomed to mixing/mastering vox in FL Studio yet so that's a learning curve.

You should be able to turn this one up if you need to. It's not compressed like some of my other demos.

The They are what they are. Kind of took on a life of their own as I wrote to the beat. I guess they ended up being about living to the fullest with the one life you have. Kind of a "it's better to burn out than to fade away" thing.

The guitar is in drop D and if I recall I'm in A Minor Pentatonic. I tried to successfully merge synths with my heavy guitars.

5090 was more fun than I thought it would be this year. I'm glad I got in a slight groove as the summer progressed.

I'll be putting out my second real album later this year or early next year on Spotify and other sites. Hope you get to hear it!


Verse 1

You ain't seen nothin' yet, Rock N Roll Silhouette
Rock me til I'm soakin' wet, rock me til there's nothin' left
Even in the bedroom, gotta keep me in tune,
Always puttin' on a show, start me up and let me go

Get it, Get it, got it, good, next stop, Hollywood
Treat me like you know you should, give me what I wish you would
Ain't no shame, in my game, trust me 'cause it's all the same
Strike a pose, I'm in vogue, They follow every where I go,

Gotta crash and burn 'cause there ain't no other way to be
You only live once, after that you're just a memory
Push it to the limit, leave 'em chokin' on your dust
Keep the pedal to the metal and don't ever let it up

Take it to the top, Make it drop, don't stop
Crash And Burn

Verse 2

Thigh High Definition, HD, Live it up
Back it up, press play, 'cause I never get enough,
Take me to another level when you take me on the run,
You know life without pain is a life without fun

Do or die, hit 'em high, Never let 'em see you sweat,
Like to say you seen it all, but you ain't seen nothin' yet,
Hear me now, say it loud, fly my banner through the crowd
You gave up your spot on top the day you let me out,

It's like left, right, left, cadence keep 'em in step,
March forward to the fight until there ain't nobody left,
Shots Fall, from the wall, rain of fire, kill 'em all
So I'm gonna live it up until the tombstone calls

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