Don't stop dreaming

Don't stop dreaming

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Liner Notes: 

This started as a follow up to @marvsmooth's part in the Kaiju Exquisite Corpse ( ) that ran during all of 5090.
I might work in it in the future and thus present it here.
Hear the whole Kaiju Exquisite Corpse: *40866

Had so much fun piling up lots of tracks with a lot of instruments that I completely forgot to write lyrics Biggrin
Three acoustic guitars
Two electric guitars + EBow
Resonator Guitar
Tenor Ukulele
Maya Precision Bass


Don't stop dreaming

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This was great! I loved the layers you built up and how they evolved and grew! Could back drop for the dream related vocals!

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I like how this starts with a simple, single tones and then in comes some funkiness! I can do my "steps" to the melody! Ha Sounds great put together and the repetition of the title/vocals are effective. Nicely done! Enjoyed it!

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Sounds great! I was drawn by the more-guitars tag.

I like that it’s all kinds of guitars, lots of great textures. Good feel, good melody, and the bass part is especially good, I thought, since I’m really a bass player and pay attention to such things.

That tag basically sums up my entire philosophy for how I approach Fifty/Ninety and FAWM. So I totally get you on this. And I've used the "more guitars" tag myself, so it's nice to see I'm not monopolising it.

That eBow sailing over the top of this is the icing on the cake for me. I approve completely!