This Is My Heart

This Is My Heart

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Liner Notes: 

Doug sent me this lyric and I'm sure he wondered if I even got is obvious I don't have the ending locked down on this, I have had the verse part of this done for a while, but never could figure out the bridge or ending, but I do love the chord progression of the verse, or at least I like playing it. Hoping Doug likes how I abuse his songs still! Always appreciate his wonderful words and trust in me!!

Doug: I wondered if Tammy got this! Wink So glad it's now a song, a beautiful Tammy original. Love the swooping, soaring vocals, the unexpected notes, and the way it all holds together so well to push my little boat of words onto a shimmering musical sea. Thank you, Tammy!


This Is My Heart
by Doug Haberman and Tammy Jann
© 2019

Gazing at the fullness
Of clouds up in the sky
Wiping tears away
When a little child cries
Savoring lines of poetry
To set my mind at ease
Won’t you share it all with me?
This is my heart

Letting music move me
Like spirits in my bones
Digging for the diamonds
When life gives common stones
Watching as the sun sets
Into the silver sea
Won’t you share it all with me?
This is my heart

And every beat that sends my blood
Coursing through my veins
Tells me that I need your love
Like a garden needs the rains

Feeling life is better
When your hand’s holding mine
Seeing stars’ reflections
In the way that your eyes shine
Dreaming we can’t let go
Yet never felt so free
Won’t you share it all with me?
This is my heart

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Absolutely beautiful. Not sure why, but you kinda evoke a Judy Collins vibe. I love the lines, Digging for the diamonds when life gives common stones. Great word play! The lyrics are quite immersive and very transparent. The ending isn't as unfinished as you might think.

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Hey guys, WOW

really enjoyed reading this lyric before my listen
some great imagery, and flows so well
and for Tamms to sprinkle the special gift she has on this, well it's magical
truely beautiful
loved the chord progression is top
Well done guys great collab

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So incredible you two! That chord progression is gorgeous and so is your vocals. I am in awe!